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  1. Any opinions on anomaly ? Thanks,,Liv.
  2. well the vid didn't work here's the vid url http://s1124.photobucket.com/albums/l579/LanStarpics/?action=view&current=100_3673.mp4http://s1124.photobucket.com/albums/l579/LanStarpics/?action=view&current=100_3673.mp4
  3. thats the pic for Cam 7 - Bottom of pic is the start of the blur as it progresses upwards and repeats through the image. The image is fine otherwise, the baluns and UTP including Entrance protector fusing all seem to be fine with other cam's, including this one. Redid some punches just in case, problem persists. its a straight thru, tested with FlukeDSp 3300 at a distance of 450 ft for the UTP and 350 ft. for the coax.( this is about the same scenario for other cam's that are working. hope it works.
  4. Hello, I wasn't able to upload image, Can i send the files to someone who can do this. I have one pic and one vid to upload. Thanks, Liv
  5. Thanks Rory, I will get an image on Monday when I troubleshoot with an active Balun panel. I will also remove the camera's from the pole to see if a "ground" is affecting. The last thing I will do is extend the UTP plant to the pole and attach the balun right at the camera at the same time I'll run the power from the power supply in the building where the other cam;s are drawing power. this should isolate the cam's from any other power induction problems. I am certain it isn't the physical camera's. I also know they worked fine before we moved the DVR and extended the UTP feature into the CCTV cable plant. I am leaning towards the balun's being an issue but if its grounding or interference or perhaps camera setup, that is yet to be determined. But yes, most definitely, the image will give you an idea and perhaps a clue . Trying to get my hands on some cable ferites which could possibly settle the ground issue, but will look at the NVT baluns for a cleaner solution. Thanks again and II'll post something by monday night.
  6. Hello, wondering if anyone can help me identify what this symptom may be. This 'blur". for lack of better words , seems to ripple through the image on a set pattern, Best described as a "watery" blur. I suspect there is some interference being induced in the line and perhaps a ferrite can solve the issue if it is a ground loop. 2 camera's mounted on the same pole are exhibiting this problem. Other camera's are fine and at a longer distance. We moved the DVR 600 ft. away and used UTP to cover the distance and deployed MuxLab baluns. They don't have any problems at distance. My concern is that the camera ( 2 of them ) power transformers are being affected by the amount of other equipment mounted by the pole, signage, electrical plugs, etc., perhaps some induction happening or , a ground situation developed which the baluns cannot handle. I've switched all components and the problem follows the camera's in question ( or their installed coax , the UTP is fine, since we swapped pairs with working cam's and problem kept following suspect cam's ) Basically , the only solutions i can think of is to use 'active' baluns to increase drive, perhaps getting more strength in the signal to counterbalance induction or using Ferrites to counteract ground problem if , this is what is causes this type of problem. Again, its a watery blur moving through the picture at regular intervals but other than that, the image is clean. ( also, this effect causes a blue streak in night vision mode when recording with the picture being black, no image ) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, liv