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  1. Han02aa

    PTZ analog Camera Trouble

    @nelly i tried changing the ID but the maximum id is 99 which changes only the last 2 numbers Also i tried rebooting and waiting for 5 seconds nothing happens . i need to restore the camera into its factory defaults and there is no reset button :S
  2. Han02aa

    PTZ analog Camera Trouble

    I did contact them but i didn't have any solution to this problem
  3. Han02aa

    PTZ analog Camera Trouble

    Come on People o really need some help with this problem ? is there any solution to this kind of problem ?
  4. Han02aa

    PTZ analog Camera Trouble

    THE DVR is A VITEK E16 DVR and the PTZ Controls are conected to it
  5. Dear All, I have a problem with a Vitek PTZ10 Analog Camera , i was operating on the Camera and while i was using the Zooming Function the Camera Address Switched From 0001 to 3201 ( even though the physical address on the camera on the Camera is 0001) and if change the Physical Address of the camera it changes only the last 2 digits and keep the first 2 Example ( physical address is 0003 , it shows the address to be 3203), now i can't control the camera through the DVR and the camera is stuck on maximum zoom . Does anyone has a solution to this problem ?