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    CCTV resolution question.

    For new Effio cameras with 650-700TVL it is really important to use 1.2-1.5 megapixel lenses. We made some face-to-face comparisons - even by 4CIF resolution (PAL: 704x576) it is a noticeable difference (more sharp) to "normal" PAL cameras (right picture, both - forced to b/w mode): But it seems, that new DVRs with native 960H support (PAL: 960x576, NTSC: 960x480) will be announced during next months: http://www.sony.net/Products/SC-HP/effiowld/system/index.html Regards, Alexander
  2. teambwa

    Parking Lot

    please note, that it still a prototype... but the aim is - to "shoot" all people and car movements at the parking area and it works, isn't? Regards, Alexander
  3. may be it was my mistake and this is a wrong thread, sorry about it... our product is not "classical" tracking system, it is other idea behind it - we have different zone's priority (1,2,3, "neutral" and "ignore"). If any intruder is detected in the more important area, the old target will be "dropped". It is possible to define intruder's properties - the physical size (we use 3D simulation inside), inactivity limit etc. Thank you. I hope to be able to public several really impressive demos during night operation in January - as soon our pre-production unit with high sensitive B/W panoramic cameras and special lenses inside will be ready... Regards, Alexander
  4. @rory yes, it is really a fine question... this is the main reason, why we drop the idea to support external (third party) PTZ speed-domes. at the moment it was not already decided for a specific PTZ vendor, but we are testing several "candidates" with MTBF (declared by accordant vendor) between 40'000 and 280'000 hours. you are welcome to recalculate in days... Regards, Alexander PS: it looks like a lot of camera motion, but in the meantime our system become more "intelligence" and able to deactivate the PTZ scanning if no any intruders are detected - the speed dome is going to the pre-defined parking position and it is not really 24/7 operation.
  5. @Christopher, actually we do not analyze the video field of PTZ dome at all - for video analytic (object recognition and tracking) we use panoramic cameras only. As mentioned in the preliminary product description, this demo video was made by using of our prototype device - not only analytic approach is still under "fine tuning", but all hardware components (PTZ dome, panoramic cameras, lenses etc.) are still under adjustment... Regards, Alexander
  6. hi, may be an example of a new auto-tracking system, that works in the real world: http://www.mybwa.com/en/discan_ptz.html Regards, Alexander
  7. teambwa

    Parking Lot

    @ChrisH, here may be suitable solution for your application: http://www.mybwa.com/en/discan_ptz.html Regards, Alexander