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  1. Have you had any luck getting Ocular not to put the data on its website? I would prefer to keep the streams to my local network. Maybe I can give it another try?
  2. I am trying to get this one working: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pas.webcam&hl=en I didnt like that Ocular put the data right online. It also crashed on me often. Anyone play with the IP Camera software with Geovision? Thanks, Rich
  3. RichTJ99

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Wow - Linux for Geovision? I had not heard of it.
  4. RichTJ99

    Camera always disconnect

    And for anyone else looking after me i did figure this out. The ONVIF format works well & does not drop. RTSP seems to drop periodically (not ideal). When using ONVIF device manager (google the free windows app) it gave my information for ONVIF which in my case was 8899. I popped it into Geovision & like magic it works!
  5. RichTJ99

    Camera always disconnect

    I am having the same issue (similar) I am using a few cheapie IP POE motion sensor style cameras from Ebay. I am connecting using RTSP protocol as described below. The cameras periodically disconnect though they do seem to reconnect - it is not reliable though. The web interface never freezes & i am guessing its something with the GV NVR software. rtsp:// This is what I am using & while it does connect with Geovision, it is not exactly stable. I would love a solution to this. I was thinking maybe it had to do with geovision not seeing motion & discoing the camera? Thanks, Rich
  6. RichTJ99

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    I am a little confused - can I use my 1480 card for VMS or is it digital only?
  7. Thats pretty interesting. Does your phone stay on, or is the screen dark? Would you say its still stable?
  8. RichTJ99

    Geovision 1480 displaying more than 32 cameras?

    Not a problem, let me know if I can be of any other help. Of course there is this thread: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=42919 That would take care of it too. I might switch over to the 1 system again in the future. Having two came in handy today though!
  9. Hi, I have a 1480 card with the latest geo software. I also have 12 analog & 19 IP cameras. If I wanted to add another 5 cameras, what are my options? Thanks, Rich
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    Geovision 1480 displaying more than 32 cameras?

    So, I bought this: 55-CTRLC-000 Geovision Control Center Software for Multiple Remote Geovision System Control - Qty:1 I had my original GV server with a 1480 card. I maxed out at 32. I then had a spare PC, I installed NVR on it, then I installed the control center software. I plugged my spare PC (with the control center software) into the TV & ran the Matrix program (part of the software) which has the standard GV view we love but goes up to many more cameras than I will need (64, or 128). Then it allows multiple matrix windows that will cycle so you could monitor more cameras than I could think of.
  11. RichTJ99

    Geovision 1480 displaying more than 32 cameras?

    Hi, I did, i bought a geovision control center USB which allows for the matrix & basically i setup another PC with the Geovision NVR, then ran the matrix software which allows you to view multiple geovision setups in a single window. It works great but is a little bulky considering most of my cameras are IP based. Thanks, Rich
  12. Hi, I saved a few AVI's from Geovision over the years & they only seem to work on teh PC's that have the codec installed on it. Is there a way to use a more generic codec so it will work on any PC? Thanks, Rich
  13. Hi, I have a 30 camera setup with 4tb of drive space. The breakdown is 10 analog cameras & 20 other various flavored geovision IP cameras. I was noticing a cube cam for a 30 second video used 350 megs of space. Within 6 hours I think its used about 600gb of storage & it has not been on all day. Is there a way for me to turn the quality down? I am a little concerned that at the rate I am using storage that I will have a 2 day DVR. Thanks, Rich
  14. RichTJ99

    Geovision Card Recommendation

    I have purchased tons of stuff from DWG. They are in long island & ususally I get things next day from them - though I am also in NY. I would stick with Geo myself
  15. RichTJ99

    Bad Geovision Ipcamera

    Thats a little scary since i bought 10 of the 2mp bullet cameras & a bunch of cube cameras. I thought they all had a 2 year warranty from Geovision - not the supplier?
  16. Hi, I noticed that sometimes the video for my analog cams are pink vs showing an image. The IP cams are always perfect. If I view the system in webcam, it shows the analog fine. How do I get the pink out of the video feed so I can see whats happening on the cameras? I think there must be some type of direct draw error. Thanks, Rich
  17. Hi, I moved & only have a BL120 (geo cam) plugged in. I have the settings set for the 720 deinterlace view. WHen I go to the webcam, it shows a very pixilated 320 view. Any ideas on how to change it so I have the option in the webcam? I used to know where everything was but the latest geo update seems that they moved things around. In the past I coudl go to cameras, check the 720 option, then hit the green arrow & I would be set with all cameras recording at the highest res. Any ideas on how to get things recording & displaying better than 320? The Geo IP cam should have no problem recording at a much higher res. Thanks, Rich Sorry, its D1, 704, not 720 res. Either way I cant figure out how to turn that option on within Geovision so it gives me the option during a webcam session.
  18. RichTJ99

    Question about pink screen in Geovision ?

    Sorry every time, if I disable direct draw overlay it seems to work but then I cant do full screen. I have an Intel http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8Z68V/#specifications - Z68 chipset. I think it supports direct draw.
  19. Hi, i have a 1480a card & I am trying to get a 'live' view of all my clients cameras (28) on a 52" LCD TV. The RCA seems to only display 16 of the Analog cameras. Is there a way to make the TV display all the cameras? The only way I can think of doing it is to run a second HDMI to the 52" TV, make the PC use Two monitors, then put the Geovision software on the second monitor (52"). Is there any other way? Thanks, Rich
  20. RichTJ99

    Question about Geovision IP Cams & 1480 card?

    I have two Geo cameras, a bullet cam & cube cam. I think they are pretty decent. My only concern is long term reliability. Any ideas on how well Geo stands behind their products?
  21. Hi, I have a 1480 card & am in the process of moving. I think i am going to go mainly IP cam in the new location (multiple buildings). Can I skip the analog cameras & do 32 IP cams? I am running with a combo of cat6 & fiber. Is it 16 analog & 16 IP, or can I do 32 IP? Thanks, Rich
  22. RichTJ99

    Question about Geovision IP Cams & 1480 card?

    Would I even need the 1480 card if I went all Geovision IP cameras?
  23. Hi, I have a GV-BL120D which is set to, my DHCP range starts at .100. The camera worked fine for several months & now when I goto I get nothing. I also have the Geo cube cam which is at .12 & it works fine. Both cameras were purchased & installed at the same time. I am able to ping but no http access. Any suggestions on how to do a hard reset? Thanks Rich
  24. Hi, I have a Geo cube cam & I am looking to install more to replace my PIR motion sensor cameras. Is there any sort of fake shell that would hide the cam a bit? I need to hide it as it is for a residential application. Thanks, Rich I was thinking of taking something like this: http://www.gadgetshack.com/fake-dummy-sensor-detector.html & trying to adapt it to the GV cube cam.
  25. Hi, I bought a BL120D & I have started playing with it. I do like that it looks better than my crappy 60 dollar ebay bullet cams. It does have a ring of IR so lets see how they look in a year or so of NY weather. I was hoping that the IP cams would show a better image via android/iphone - mobile apps. The quality isnt there (maybe its not supposed to be). I was hoping when I zoom in on an image looking at the ip cam it would look better but it looks just as bad as my old cams. However when viewing in IE or the actual software in h264 mode, it does look really nice. It does come with the 32 cam NVR, of course I bought the 1480 card last year & I dont really need the NVR but I guess its nice. It was very easy to add the new cam into the mix. I just wish the mobile would look better. Its hard to demo at a customer when your images look crappy. I did pickup a 600 line sony too & that doesnt really look any better than the 480 line ones. Any suggestions?