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  1. ACTI's NVR is pretty much hopeless, even after the 2.2.34 patch. No significant improvoment. I've had bad headaches and spent many hours managin just 40+ cameras with it. It takes a minute or two just to load and save motion settings of one camera. Imagine i have 40+. I'm waiting for their NVR v3.0 (with black GUI) and is a 'real' application. No longer browser-based. Of course there are many other alternative. LuxRiot would be the best choice for similar price range as the ACTi's...
  2. Hi guys. Please recommend a 4CH DVR (dedicated) which comes with CMS support. You help is much appreciated. thx
  3. Currently, it is controlled via Panasonic's controller. Due to integration purpose, It will be take over by the new control equipment (DVR) in the upgrade, which is non-Panasonic. So i guess I have to find out whether my DVR supports protocol for this data multiplexer...
  4. Yup, I'm not using Panasonic DVR. I'm gonna use the DVR's softmenu to control the PTZ. I dun have yet any multiplex box. The camera is already capable of multiplex-coaxial when off-the-shelves. Therefore, I'm only seeking a translator/converter/splitter (what ever u call it) to split out the data and video from the coax for my DVR.
  5. Hi guys~ Pls help Basically, the scenario is like this: Existing cameras used are Panasonic WV-CW860A and it runs on single coax which carries both PTZ data and video. I can't pull up anymore cables and is not able to do so. I'm looking for something which can split the video and data from the coax so that it's friendly to my DVR(supports RS485). the communication of the camera is something similar to Pelco's coaxitron. BTW, Pelco's coaxitron is proprietary, right? Otherwise, i might consider using this: http://www.pelco.com/products/default.aspx?id=265
  6. febulous15

    [Support] GV 6.11 PTZ hangs when controlled remotely

    Has anyone found out a solution yet? In desperate need for help here
  7. febulous15

    [Support] GV 6.11 PTZ hangs when controlled remotely

    I am using Dynacolor D7722 speed dome. And using Dynacolor protocol @ 9600 bps baud rate. Bandwidth wise, I have tested by means of localhost. Yet, same problem. Seems like nothing to do with bandwidth.
  8. Hi guys, another big problem here. I'm using V6.11 for my GV800. I have connected a PTZ speed dome camera to my GV800. Locally, it can be controlled flawlessly. The problem is when remotely controlling the focus and zoom, the PTZ camera will hang. (Controlling up, down, left, right wouldn't cause the problem.) Then, the camera wouldn't respond to any command. The only way to get through this is restarting te power of the camera. I already have 2 cases with the same problem. So, any idea? I think it's software bugs Desperately in need for help now....
  9. thanks for your help guys....however, the problem is eventhough i use localhost to test, the problem is there! if i dont change the default ports, localhost test is alright!
  10. febulous15

    PCI Express DVR Cards

    Read this.... http://www.softwell.com.tw/english/central.htm
  11. Basically, if your want user friendliness, opt for AverMedia, Otherwise, opt for GV. However, AverMedia is getting lots better with more features that GV hasn't come up with, such as the auto alarm PTZ preset, which is very useful. Playback wise, the Visual search is a +++ pt ! It is very useful is tracking videos. GV, i admit is more advanced, but there's too many features often not use, and it makes the whole thing complicated.
  12. febulous15

    PCI Express DVR Cards

    Lol, i m building 30+ DVR systems using this softwell card. Erm, basically their NDMS feature is the strong point, but the DVR itself there's nothing much to brag about. Also, the response is a bit jerky, GUI is not attractive, picture quality is a bit so-so only. Yet, as I have said, the good thing is their NDMS feature only.
  13. I managed to change the port 80 >> 81 in the httpd and httpd.default files found in the conf folder of Apache. So do u have any idea where to change the ports for 8080 and etc in Apache?
  14. I'm trying to run two units of 16 ch Kodicom Diginet in one network. So, this means that i have to change the default data and video ports, right? Thus, I have changed 8080 >>> 9090, 8081 >>> 9091 However, after I logged in using Internet Explorer, it will pop up and error msg saying "WebDVR - Connection failed" Have anyone succesfully ran 2 units of Kodicom Diginet PC-DVRs in one network? Mind to share?
  15. febulous15

    GV-Keyboard connect to 8 systems

    B u m p !