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  1. I need to find the mjpeg URL for Dahua 2mp bullet and dome cameras to integrate with a control system. Most cameras like axis, iqeye, panasonic, etc all have an mjpeg stream url. Does anyone know the mjpeg URL for Dahua IP cameras? Thanks.
  2. I have been trying to get an answer to this question forever. Do any of Dahua's ip cameras have an mjpeg stream that you can access via an http url? I see in the cameras secondary stream you can set it up for this, but I can't seem to get an http url to work to actually view the stream. I have heard that the Dahua NVR's can now produce an mjpeg stream with an http url, but I cannot on mine. I'm guessing there is a firmware update that needs to be done. Can anyone confirm if it is possible at this time for either a Dahua camera or nvr to produce an mjpeg stream via an http url? Thanks.
  3. I need a good analog wdr camera for the inside of a store which will be focused on the front door. The front door has bright sunlight coming in, and the store is not that bright so there is a stark contrast in light. I am looking for something inexpensive, but something that will do the job. I have access to all the distributors, so I am open to any brand. Since the store already has small turret domes I would like to keep it uniform if possible. Thanks.
  4. I know, but unfortunately all control systems use an mjpeg feed for video. So that means we need it. Axis, iqeye, panasonic, etc all have a separate mjpeg url feeds. I wonder why Dahua does not?
  5. Dex, I know it depends on the firmware. Does that url you posted produce a snapshot, or live video? I am asking for live video that will feed a control system. Thanks.
  6. I have a client who is look for almost invisible cameras for their home to monitor the children and keep the decor of the house. I am aware of channel vision in wall ip cameras, and the speco tiny cameras, but are there any other options out there? Thanks.
  7. I am trying to get my cpcam/avtech 4ch dvr to appear on my control4 system. In order to do this I need to have the url path for the mpeg stream. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks.
  8. Thanks Matt. I'm pretty sure the Channelvision cams always output to analog too.
  9. I have several channel vision dome ip cameras. They have both a network connection which accepts poe, and an analog out, which can feed the video to an analog dvr. Right now I have the camera connected to a cisco poe switch and it is working fine. I would also like to connect it to an analog dvr. The camera is currently being powered by poe. Does anyone know if I need to power the camera differently if I connect the analog video out along with the network out, or will the poe power work? Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know what the mpeg stream url is? I know it exists, I just don't know how to find it.
  11. http://Www.synology.com, and according to their website they are onvif compliant. I don't have a contact there. I just started using their nas. They are probably the best in the business.
  12. I have a job which I just took over with a customer that has channel vision ip cameras. He does not have any type of recording and would like to. Any recommendation on a standalone 8ch nvr? I would like to use a synology nas to do dual duty as a sas and nvr, but I don't see channel vision in the approved camera list for synology. Anyone know if it will work? If not, any other recommendations for a stand alone nvr?
  13. I am doing the cctv at an apartment building. They have asked me to also install a proximity entry reader. I don't want to pass it up, but I have never done one before. The building has an old telephone entry system connected to an electric door strike. There is also a keybox attached to the telephone unit which is how tenants gain entry. They insert and turn their key and the doorstrike releases for 5 seconds to let them in. They want to get rid of the keybox and replace it with a proximity reader so tenants can simply swipe a card on their keychain to get in. Their is one main entry, and possibly 3 or 4 other doors they may want to do the same thing to. I am installing a geovision cctv system, but I don't want to use the geovision readers because they are not tested. I want something simple that is easy to program and not super expensive. I have installed biometric time clocks, and they have live audit trail and can be programmed via a pc through a network. I don't need this level of technology, but it would be nice. So what do you recommend? Thanks.
  14. Has anyone used the newest model Nuvico dvr's yet? I'm not even sure if they have been released. They are on the website. If so, how do you like them?
  15. I have been using Av Tech for so long, but I see on the forum most are now recommending Dahua hands down. I have never had a problem with reliability with AV Tech. Is Dauhua that much better that I should look into them, and is the price point similar? Thanks.
  16. fas

    AV Tech vs Dahua

    what do you mean? One is that much better?
  17. Does anyone have rs232 codes for the AVtech Dvr's?
  18. The title says it all. I would like any opinions please. Money is not an object. The requirements are: - mac, iphone and ipad compatible - true live view - integrates with crestron, control4 - no lag when pulling up on mobile device or pc Thanks.
  19. Mac support for sure. Do the licenses have to be renewed every year and if so at what cost. I would love to find a one time fee and be done with it.
  20. Wow that's funny. I just installed an exacq hybrid system for a client in switzerland. It was windows based so not a true standalone in the traditional sense. My question should really have been is exacq the best solution for 32 ch hybrid? What else is in the same league?
  21. I am installing an exacq ip system monday. It's a hybrid system with an exacq server custom built. How does geovison compare to exacq? Does geovision still offer the most options in regards to analytics, etc? In your opinion, which company, and it may be another brand, offers the most and best options with money being no object? Most of my projects are 32 cameras and less. I am looking for the best options to offer high end residential with all bells and whistles, both ip and analog.
  22. I finished a job today with a cpd 556. I have installed many cpam dvrs. This one, however, takes forever to connect and is so slow it's unwatchable. For the first few hours it was connected it was fine, but now it's almost not working. All of my other cpcam setups are fast and working properly, but this one is having a problem. Any ideas on what could be slowing it down to a crawl? I mean the video over the internet is terrible and it takes forever to connect! It doesn't matter if I use iphone, video viewer or ie, it just is painfully slow with no motion video.
  23. fas

    CPD556 Web Problems

    I figured out what the problem is. Whenever more than one person is logged in at a time the dvr gets slower. Can this be fixed with a better upload internet speed, or is this a limitation of the dvr itself?
  24. I had an install today. The usual, except one of the cnb cameras (CNB VCM-24VD) worked for a few minutes, and then went blank (sort of off white) and would not come back. I tested the voltage and it was fine. I am using a 24v power supply. I tried another of the same camera at that location and it was fine. I brought the non working camera to the dvr and tried it there with the same result. The service port didn't work either. Is there a way to reset the camera, or do you think it is bad? I have never had a cnb camera go bad, but since another camera does work at that location, I'm guessing it may be. The voltage at the camera location is 26.8, but the book says it can range from 20v to 28v with no problem, so I don't think that is the problem, and since video is not the problem either, I am at a loss. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  25. They just replaced it. We tried it out at the distributor just to make sure it wasn't me.