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  1. This is what we called "Hikvision Gotham Project". If you are interested how powerful this IR LASER in Hikvision PTZs, you will like this video DS-2DY9187-AI8 qIMlk3P0wbI
  2. Firmware version? It's common bug in firmware before 5.3.6 Just update your camera
  3. Hello Do you guys have any info about MTBF of CCTV cameras? I have found info about Hikvision 4 series and PTZ cameras, both ~100.000-106.000h For example some old ACTi TCM-1231 cameras had only 35.500h Mobotix - 80.000h (they was showing this number on one of their trainings) I'm interested how this looks like in other brands, like Avigilon, SONY, AXIS.
  4. Ok, this is awesome. Video from 4K Hikvision DS-2CD4085F. Zakopane fireworks 2015/2016, 23:45 - 00:15, I took 30minute video, cut it to 4-5 minute clips and merged them that's wy it looks sooo cool FT-TkXyjNCA
  5. NICE! Do you have link to a original pictures?
  6. Korgoth Of Barbaria

    Hikvision IVMS 5200

    great post! Is there a version available for mac as well? I'm using and selling this software So, here are some fast facts about iVMS-5200: It has client-server architecture Only Windows version (server suggested) 5200 can support 3rd party cameras (that's why it's paid software I think) Active Directory support It supports more complex e-maps More alarm pop-ups Alarm windows and divisions Business Intelligence package - you can make global heat maps by getting data from all heat map and ppl counting cameras. POS integration. Panel for easy health check of all devices Hikvision Access control integration module Global Positioning system for mobile DVRs and Personal DVRs Redundant server support
  7. Korgoth Of Barbaria

    New Dahua 4K - 12MP camera - IPC-HF81200E

    Because it's like 6 meters high and there is only one mounting and one ethernet cable. Difference in time is like an hour or so. Only difference is the lighting on this sign. Damn, I hate it when I try to make honest comparison test, standing on -10oC freezing my ass off and everyone is suspecting some kind of manipulation or marketing action Here is live view of DS-2CD4065F-AP camera, almost same sensor (1/1.8"), you can check how it works at night. http://hotel-bania.webcamera.pl/ Here is snapshot from this camera made around midnight, cloudy sky, no moon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wxdl8b3z4sp4y2l/4065.png?dl=0 EDIT: Here is 4K video, not night, but dusk: TNRLnC7mVEw This model that I have don't support H.265, but there is H.264+. I'm still waiting for 4K with H.265 and 12MPixel box. Fortunately Hikvision NVRs support H.265 recording AND 4K resolution display, I mean new I series, like DS-7608NI-I2
  8. Korgoth Of Barbaria

    New Dahua 4K - 12MP camera - IPC-HF81200E

    I found that 4K cameras from Hikvision have better low light performance than standard FullHD cameras. Have you seen my last uploads? FkqY5RR8uEk Maybe Dahua will use same sensors?
  9. Comparison video, to show low light performance of new 4K Hikvision cameras: FkqY5RR8uEk Also image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ggnw1rld4vcizi/vlcsnap-2015-12-09-17h07m12s610.png?dl=0 As you can see, 1/1.7" sensor is a rly good choice Also, here is live video of 6MP DS-2CD4065F: http://hotel-bania.webcamera.pl/ also outstanding night vision. Those are my new favorite cams now
  10. New Thermal cameras from Hikvision, I have like 50 videos, will post them all soon. 40mm lens box thermal camera. Recorded during night, light rain, testing how deep I can go inside thick bushes and still be detected by thermal image camera (about 50 meters) yGbpIg198Io 40mm lens box thermal, detail test, as you can see, you can almost see through the cloths ltDbBurCItI
  11. Korgoth Of Barbaria

    exacqVision Virtual licensing

    You need 1x exacqVision Enterprise Server license + Exacq Pro licence for every camera you want to connect.
  12. Picture from last night DS-2DY9187-AI8 camera I was surprised, because of rly cloudy sky, I couldn't see moon with my own eyes, just blurry glowing orb
  13. Some new videos: Hikvision DS-2CD4A85F-IZS: yt-9R5Wp73A Hikvision pinhole camera WDR test: t9m71e3_1CU
  14. Korgoth Of Barbaria

    Hikvision Nvr's

    Sure, here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4azw1kuhdbykww/porownanie_nvr_v1.xlsx?dl=0