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  1. Hi, Need to install camera to an existing DVR system. Existing system is 14 analog cameras going via Siamese cable to DVR and power source… Trying to add a new camera in the elevator. The Elevator Company has already ran a cable from Elevator cabin to one of the hallways in the building. The cable is a special cable that has the following wires inside… four : 14 AWG two: shielded pairs / 20 AWG one : coax / RG6/U NOTE THAT SINCE THIS CABLE ABOVE IS USED IN ELEVATOR THE COPPER CORE OF THE RG6 IS OF THE STRANDED TYPE….. The total length of this cable is 65 feet. No what I need to do is to make a connection to the R6 so I can attach it to the camera. Camera already has Siamese connections. Rg59/18awg power port. Also I need to connect the other end of this cable which is in the hallway to another regular Siamese cable which will run another 120 feet. (20AWG solid copper core with 18/2 power ) Problem is I can’t find the special BNC connector for Rg6 to be used with Stranded copper core. Can I Use coaxial baluns on both ends of that that 60 feet elevator cable? Do I need to find special BNC that I need to solder the pin to stranded core? Attached is the rough diagram I drew…hope it helps.
  2. barb

    iPhone hookup

    hi fastsvo, [sorry for the late response....I was not expecting any responses to the thread unless i posted an update so i never went back until today when I was cleaning up my bookmarks] I have not updated the server SW yet since i am worried that i will lose my two year worth of saved recordings...I need to find some some time to backup the data needed and then try to update... will make sure to update this thread as soon as i update the server SW... best, Barb
  3. barb

    iPhone hookup

    hey holywood, I checked the settings and it was already what you posted. And I also tried it with ":80/mlogin16.html " and still does not get me to the Mobile Viewer....I am getting to a the conclusion that it should be the version of the Software on the server. Once i upgrade to 5.5 will report back.... thanks again for your detailed responses.... best, barb
  4. barb

    iPhone hookup

    Hey holywood, thanks for the prompt response... Using the port number (“:80”) at the end of the IP address takes me to the same page format that I get from a PC browser. Nothing close to that Mobile Viewer page that you posted (by the way thanks for the pictures) I think maybe I need to upgrade to the 5.5 version to be able to get that Mobile Viewer feature enabled. I just noticed that, on the eyemax DVR website, the iphone compatibility is advertised in the 5.5 version. So I am assuming the version has something to do with it..... here is what they have posted for 5.5 : Server Eyemax DVR Server Software for DVS-9030 / 9060 / 9120 / 9240 / 9480 / 9424 / 9448 / 9632 / Windows XP/Vista/7 Compatible - iPhone compatible. I will try to upgrade my server version and will report back.... I hope it would be a seamless update, because I do not want to lose my server settings and I also want to maintain the previously recorded videos on the server.[ the server installation SW is asking for the drive location to store the video, so it may start overwriting the previously recorded data! Maybe not!] did you do the update by yourself or your system has come with the 5.5 version of the server? Thanks, barb
  5. barb

    iPhone hookup

    Hi, did you have to upgrade to because my server version is and i do not see any video feed. I see all the frames and buttons but no video.... barb