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  1. Hi, Wonder if anyone has come across any amazing PC CCTV software? I have tried loads and nothing else comes close to ActiveWebCam as of yet. Positives of this software: The setup so far is: Analog Quad Processor - outputting to Pinnacle Analog Capture PCI card in PC. ActiveWebCam then used on PC to process. A local mailserver is also setup and running (ArgoSoftMail server - Free) Any motion detection on ActiveWebCam is recorded, and also emailed (processed via ArgoSoftMailserver - which also has webmail access etc) Also, any motion detection plays a loud barking dog wave file on the PC speakers. You can change the wave file to a "ping" if at home or other noises if you wish. The mailserver can be accessed from anywhere in the world using POP3 - outlook express etc. Its far easier to quickly view thumbnail CCTV snapshots of lots of mails quickly, then using a hardware based CCTV system that records all the time. Its also easier to view CCTV recordings in a windows environment where you can easily see date/time stamps of files and just click on the recorded files to view them. Disadvantages... When accessing the PC remotely (ie using a LogMeIn type app) - activewebcam is minimised on the taskbar and cannot be maximised and opened to view (however its still working fine). You then have to close the software and re-open it to if you want to control it remotely. This problem has been seen on Windows7 and XP. The remote live view feature - where you connect to ActiveWebCam using another copy of this software remotely - does not seem to work very well. This has been tried on various routers/setups and connections. If anyone has got it to work, let us know how and what version of the software you used Rgds
  2. apple100

    Beginner, Advice on which camera to buy

    Maplins are selling some highres (analog) cameras dropped from £80 to £60 quid till xmas. They are 520Lins and after tesing, the angle seems to be near around 90 degress. Excellent cameras