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  1. Looking for the most reliable and affordable POE switch with a minimum of 12 ports. Nothing super exotuic needed just doing 10 1.3 Megapixel cameras. Thanks in advance for all your hard work and testing . I'm leaning towards a ciso managed switch but I could care less about the brand name on it as long as it won't give me problems.
  2. camerasguy71

    Does the GeoVision IP cam need a dongle?

    My distributor is telling me Geovision is offering free software with the ip camera purchase. I'm working on a tight budget with someone who is insisting on 20+ Megapixel cameras. We are looking at the 1.3 MP bullets. What kind of system do I need to build to max out this software to accept 32 of these at 15 fps/camera? How well is it going record with a dedicated network at 10/100mbs? No hybrid capabilty needed. Is there a better solution for <= $. Would I be better off building multiple NVR's? Thanks in advance.
  3. Plug converters straight into Serial ports. And connect
  4. camerasguy71

    Avermedia POS box

    Yes using it with NV-5000. Can you tell me what the baud rate is fixed at. I realize there is no baud rate in parallel communications so the pos box should convert it to some serial baud rate apparently unknow to the techs at avermedia. Is it default 9600,n,8,1 ??? Do the switches on the POS box do anything in the parallel configuration?? These are the question they don't know. I was told some of the older versions have a parallel option that doesnt even work.
  5. Bought an avermedia POS box to use with a Parallel pole display (verified trough display manufacture) I have it plugged and and pole display is working fine. Called Avermedia and they can't give me any support on it. Told me to try all the settings. Anyone set one of these up and have success?????? Anyone know what the communication baud rate will be using it in this configuration. I felt like I was on the phone with my 3 year old niece they couldn't give me anything. At this point I'm thinking it may be easier to reconfigure the POS to open up the serial port, buy a serial pole display and send the "POS" back.
  6. RS-485 was the trick " title="Applause" />
  7. You guys are awesome , LOL. Making me do my tour of duty huh.
  8. Generic rs-232 to 485 connectors with comm lights working on the test bench today between a borrowed pos system and my demo unit. These are the closest thing I could find to a rs-232 signal amplifier with out going $$$$$$$$$. Fingers crossed ready for action too bad problems only occurs when installing 2+ hours away.
  9. I haven't had a chance to play with hyperterminal. That is my next venture also waiting for the break out box. Thank goodness the customer is cool.
  10. camerasguy71

    LRP / ANPR product recommendations?

    I have used the geovision lpr camera on a large gated community. Works very well. I had to install it on a video server a shoot it over a mile on a wireless bridge. The customer absolutely loves it the only problem is you will need a 2nd camera to see the overall view. A very good megapixel camera maybe a better solution depending on the application. I didnt use the software they were more interested in seeing who was breaking the gate on the weekends than who was coming and going. Its been running two years not a broken gate since problem solved.
  11. camerasguy71

    Anyone Running 8.4 yet?

    Running perfect on windows 7 64 bit for months now.
  12. www.unixcctv.com they tell me they are the manufacture of eyemax
  13. Any one???? I aquired 2 of these cards from a system upgrade sure would be nice to trough them in a machine and flee bay these for $$$$$$$$$.
  14. Dumped more time into it today. "nothing". Scratching my head. I gonna wait until the break out box comes.
  15. Anything can be made to work, Its just depends on how hell bent someone is on doing it. If you time is worth nothing the options are limitless.