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  1. We currently have a new building under construction for which I'm looking to install an access control system. The system would be used on 4 exterior doors and 2 interior doors to start. The building has a central IT closet and the farthest door is 75 ft away. I'd prefer to do the install myself. The majority of the building is solid wood walls, so all wiring must either be run (visibly) on the wall, or run under the floor slab. My thought is to keep most of the controllers in the IT closer and run 1" conduit under the slab and directly up into the door frame to wire the readers, position switch, and strike. Any thoughts on this vs having a junction box at the door. For readers, I'm looking to use HID iClass SE. Strikes would likely be from HES or Adams Rite. The one question I still have is which system to go with. S2 Netbox and Lenel GoEntry 3.0 are some options I've looked at, however one of the main issues is that both systems need to be bought through an authorized dealer. Would anyone here care to recommend a system which you believe would work well for us. Thanks