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  1. Hi.. My friend have a Geovision 4 Channel Gv-600 pc based dvr card. I configured it to connect on my friend's lennovo p700i phone with android 4.0.3 OS. The problem is whenever I connect the GV A-view to the DVR it connects but all the cameras are showing video lost in GV A-view. I'm pretty sure that all cameras are up and have recordings. Does it have a conflict on the GV card? Because the card is almost 4 years old I think. Anyone encounter this problem? Pls. help.. thanks in advance. PS. I installed the Geovision 8.4.0 software in DVR server.
  2. Already tried reformatting the HDD then install new XP, tried another HDD, also tried 8.4 version but I still have that error. I have already send an e-mail to geovision's tech support and replied me with instructions on what to do but I got no luck. So, they advised me that I have to send them the card for it may be defective and they will repair it. I can't use the the card for now...
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, recently I've encountered error in geovision saying that "this software is incompatible with your location". I've already installed geovision before but didn't encountered that problem. I'm using windows xp SP2 and already tried windows xp home edition but I got no luck. Anybody already encountered this problem and fixed it? Thnx in advance. Btw, My card is 6 ports GV-600 ver. 4.3. I already used version 8.3 and 8.3.11 of geovision software but still I get that error. thanx... leur