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  1. Hello, I bought a Mitsubishi PTZ Dome camera model SP-N376-028 and a Adhua DVR model DVR0804LE-A. The DVR is eight channel and has a 1TB HD. It's for a home installation and the plan is start with one camera and expand as the budget allows. I spend a lot of time away for work and this will be a little peace of mind. So to start I set it up on the garage work bench and it worked fine. I could control everything with the on-screen menu and a mouse. Then my teenage son was playing with the PTZ and found that when he clicked on zoom it would zoom all the way in or out with one click whereas originally it would stop the zoom when the mouse click was released. (I think) I don't know if he had changed anything or not but as they say fools rush in so I went to the PAN/TILT/ZOOM menu and clicked on DEFAULT. Big mistake, now PTZ does not work at all! What I see on the screen in the PTZ window is Channel - 1, Protocol - NONE, Address - 1, Baudrate - 9600, Data Bits - 8, Stop Bits - 1, Parity - None. These are default settings. I tried many different settings for the protocol (I think it was PELCOD but not sure) and baud rate etc but no luck yet. The DIP switches on the board in the dome are all OFF, as original. Obviously I'm not an ET but I do like to learn new stuff. Any help would be appreciated. wirenut