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    PTZ Failure

    Hello, We have just replaced 30 fiber options brand receivers and transmitter cards that were controlling Bosch cameras via a Bosch KBD joystick control and allegiant matrix switcher using a RS-485 2-wire configuration. The previous green pin connections were 8 pins with 2 wires and 2 resistors connected. When we converted to new Fiber Bridge brand receiver and transmitter cards they have a 5 pin green connector pinouts, and once we re-seated the wires the video works, but there is no PTZ. We configured the PTZ settings to pin 4 and 5, for the receivers and transmitters, and now some work but all the others remain the same with no PTZ. Now the other issue is that on the matrix the existing wiring that operates the PTZ is incorrectly identified as when we took what we thought was camera number 6 that was not working and plugged what we thought was camera number 8 into the pin connection for 6 the PTZ began working, although it had not previously worked on camera number 8. Is there any troubleshooting equipment or method we can use to find which pin connectors belong to which camera ID on the matrix so that we can get the correct PTZ's connected to the correct cameras? I would also like to confirm that pins 4 and 5 are correct for the Bosch matrix, and if possible can you provide answer for the type of resisters that are being used by the Bosch analog cameras, as some are missing from the transmitter cards, so we will need to replace them.