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  1. Aardie

    2 POS capture on one GV system

    You can always buy those 2 port serial cards (PCI) very inexpensive but hard to find.
  2. Aardie

    Geovision wont acknowledge problem

    Its one of the reasons I am passing on IFsec this year dont think I could control myself in front of Geovision, might of sworn at the sales type of people.
  3. Aardie

    no auto login

    Use Simplevue brought to youby this forums Founder http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=9767 Regards
  4. Aardie

    Geo 8.2 Problems or opinions

    Fixed my problem ...... Just used Rory's Simplevue, worked out the Box so to speak Thanks Rory Regards
  5. Aardie

    Geo 8.2 Problems or opinions

    I am getting Internet login problems. The Webcam installs and works fine over the lan but when trying to get to it via the internet I get to the MSelect page and no codec download just a done with errors on the page have tried the fix but to no avail. This is with IE7 and latest java installed. Any tips guys ?? Regards
  6. Need more information about your system. Regards Keith
  7. Rory I have all the fans covered on the system 92mm exhaust and 80mm intake no room unfortunately for a side fan Going back in on Saturday to install some hdd fans the type you sit underneath. Regards Keith
  8. The room is enclosed No Door, like a ante room / close ended passage off an office. Been talking to the customer I have advised him that if no extraction fan is in place within 2 weeks will only warranty the system for 3 months hes on his own then and hes started to take me seriously. Its an Intel P965 (Asus P5B-E) with Nvidia 6200 some Corsair ddr2. The thing that worrys me is the Capture card its hardware based ergo the reduced warranty I wouldnt mind theres hardly room for the system sat next door to a huge Dell poweredge. Its System Day today anyways and he has not given me an alternative place for the system to reside so the balls in his court now. Ah Well life would be boring without a few challenges along the way Hmmmmmm Beer Best Regards Keith
  9. Ok one of the cctv systems I am installing a PC Based Netvision System the room is running at 28.5 C and it isnt even the height of summer yet over here in blighty am I right to refuse to warranty the System at that temperature. The humidity is at 38% so thats not a problem but I was thinking you can add 15 C to that figure for what the Proscessor will be running at ?? Just scares the hell out of me with the card being a hardware based capture card to so thats going to be toasty allong with everything else. I have added and extra intake Fan but with 3 hard drives 2 x 500gig sammys and one 80 gig sammy its going to be high temps all around. Pro is a 3 gig P4 single core. Grateful for your input. Best Regards Keith
  10. Ok IMHO the netvision/aventura/skyvision (hikvision) Cards give the best I am installing 2 x 8 cam systems over the next week in a warehouse/workshop and after showing the Customer examples from Geovision, Netvision even IP cameras they where wowed by the netvision quality, so thats what I ordered. Very Low overheads in the system allthough best to use Intel Pros as they are Hardware based compression cards. In fact they have a 8 channel 704 x 480 25fps per channel card out now. Mind you would need a few thousand gigs of hard disk space to keep up with it all http://www.netvisiondvr.com/yanshi.htm Nothing against Geovision in fact would use Geo over any other card if the customer needs POS (Till Overlay). Best Regards Keith
  11. http://www.google.com Sorry couldnt help myself Regards
  12. Aardie

    Noise cancelling microphone

    Hi Dave I have deployed 6 of these and very good they are at voice even over the sound off shop coolers switching on and off but they are of the 3 pin XLRM connector, Audio Technica brand. http://www.ezcctv.com/datasheets/PRO42-Microphone.pdf And I paired them with the M-Audio Audio Buddy which takes either jack or XLR inputs. http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/AudioBuddy-main.html You can buy XLR to jack convertors but wether they work on the phantom side (Power) I am unsure. http://www.djmmusic.com/itemdesc.asp?CartId={B0210B24-AB77-41B3-AEE3-0BE638DF6EVERESTB00}&ic=MIC15 Regards
  13. Aardie

    Recommendation for UK Geovision supplier?

    EZCCTV without a doubt..... ezcctv.com Just give them a call and they will give you all the relevant info Regards
  14. Aardie

    Geovision card with Micros POS

    C7 I have installed POS on Geovision but not with Micro Pos it was actually Samsung Till POS and I did find that the receipt Port was Not giving out all of the inputs on the till and ended up using a spare port on the Samsung set up as Pole display with the right baud rate etc and everything that was input on the till including bar code swipe Did register on the Geovision overlay. One thing James did mention is getting hold of the POS Manual I cannot stress this enough if you are going in blind you will end up with zero or garbled output. Oh and get ready to spend a few hours getting acquainted with the till some of them need special keys to get into the setup for baud rates and the like. Bit of a steep learning curve at first. I did at first tell the customer we would try one and go from there but once I had set it up it became a relatively easy job on the rest. Good luck and if you require a overlay clip PM me and I will email you one. Regards Keith