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  1. Anybody? I went with an RB1224 Altronix Relay switch. Below is a link to the PDF: http://www.altronix.com/p_pdf/RB1224.pdf There is 8 connectors on the relay, not sure what goes where. Thanks!
  2. memphis2k

    Cabling question

    In my surveillance experience, you only really need shielding when nearing high voltage wire or nearing a lot of interference. Buy some good Belden cat6 cable. Agreed, just run two wires next to each other. Cat* can be used for everything, PS/2 extensions, USB, vga, HDMI etc.
  3. memphis2k

    Cabling question

    Cat5 or Cat6 with RJ-45 ends. Either use a PoE switch, or a PoE injector to power the camera. What do you have for I/O? Check your manual, can do you everything over Cat5?
  4. Hello all, I have an i3 International (i3DVR) SRX PRO 2.0.1 with an AD-2016 Capture card & an ADIO-1616 (AB32) I/O card. I have control for 8 Sensors & 8 Control outputs. What I need help with is wiring and which relay to use on the control side. Say I want to control a 12v LED. What do I need for a relay? I know I need dry contact Maybe go with one of these? http://www.altronix.com/index.php?pid=2&category=16 (copy for link) Here is an old document I found, Is this correct? Managed to get sensor on my garage door with an Honeywell kit.