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  1. Finally got it working. I bought a cheap Zotac videocard and put it in, and it still wasn't working. At that point gave up and disconnected the monitor. Then started on with it again working with the pc remotely over UltraVNC. After days of fiddling with every video setting possible, updated the video drivers, and then I tried disabling the 'mirror driver' in ultravnc. Rebooted and it was working. So I'm not sure if it was the video card, updating the drivers, VNC the whole time, or some combination. So if the Kguard activex dvrocx.ocx web dvr control seems to be working but shows gray boxes where video should be try disabling the mirror driver in ultravnc.
  2. Did you go back and check the port in the dvr setup? I noticed that when I changed the port using the mouse when I clicked apply it changed to 65536 or something. Took a bit of finagling to get it to stick. I am having the no video problem with the web application. I have several computers, web access works fine with 3, but fails to display anything on 1: I am accessing over the local LAN, so no port forwarding issues. The web control activeX control installed fine, and all functions work but there is no video. Even on the Replay tab the saved videos appear to play but display nothing. My 3 other pc's which do work fine have identical software, but different hardware. I think it has something to do with the Intel integrated graphics. The 3 other pc's all have video cards by ati, but this one uses the onboard Intel graphics. I also tried to load the web app from my work pc, which uses Intel graphics, and experienced the same problem. I tried updating the video drivers but it had no effect.