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  1. abhay

    bad quality pic

    Increase the resolution of the pc on which u r viewing the cameras on remote location. i.e increase the bit rate of the system 16 bit to 32 bit.
  2. I am facing problem in reading the .set file from the BR9020 IC in Sony 420 TVL Camera, SS11RM Sony design. Can anyone tell me how to do it correctly, or can any one tell me what are the parameters thata need to be set before reading the program from the memory. I am using Sony SS11RM Control Software.
  3. abhay

    Yellow line in sony camera

    I had answer for my own question..... Yellow line appears with every 420 TVL camera as its the fault of Sony chip-set. On Analog TV, it doesn't appear cause analog tv crops the image and then made it display. For this problem nobody can do anything..
  4. abhay

    Yellow line in sony camera

    this yellow line is shown on every monitor to which its connected. Its not visible on the tv. Yes this is the only camera, and this yellow line is visible on the every channel to which the camera is connected. According to me its an component level defect.
  5. abhay

    Yellow line in sony camera

    this line appear in the live view only. And only on the monitor not when the same camera is viewed on the analog tv.
  6. I am facing problem with a 420 tvl camera having sony 405 ccd and 3142R dsp. on switching on the camera a yellow line appears on the left vertical of the monitor but when i view the same camera on an analog tv that yellow line disappear. can any one suggest me the cause and the solution of the same... Its urgent.