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  1. Wow, I didn't know it would be this complicated. The model is a VBM-24VF. The green adapter has no plus or any other indicator of polarity that I can see. The wires are wrapped together so no help there. It does say 240AC, so I'm assuming it's AC.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm working on replacing a camera with a CNB. The current camera is connected with a siamese cable which has a female connector on the power. After reading through some of the posts, it sounds like I can use the existing power supply by cutting off the female adapter and connecting the wires to the green adapter. Does this sound right? Thanks again, everyone here has been a tremendous help.
  3. Thanks tomcctv, you nailed both of them. The manual's instructions were different from what you linked to. Once I knew how to do it, worked like a charm.
  4. Good news, the iphone app is now working. I plugged in the 5550 port number and it started right up. Perhaps I had not tried that combination. Now I just need to figure out the firmware update.
  5. I can get to the page, but IE will not download the Active X script. It's IE 8 on XP. I tried with and without compatibility mode, and took out all of my security settings and shut off the anti-virus.
  6. Hey Everyone, Very excited about the new dvr, but cannot get past two issues, updating the firmware and getting the iphone app to work. Here is what has happened so far: Firmware update current version H8. firmware update version H8. steps: re-format usb drive download zip file from site extract zip file loaded the zip file, the H8 folder (which holds the extracted bin file), and the bin file at root level plug usb into dvr wait a few seconds for dvr to recognize usb click update receive error message "no update found on usb" iPhone app Note: This works on local area network, but not going over the internet. Because the local works, I'm thinking the DDNS is the problem. DVR settings Server IP using dhcp remote console port - 5550 remote update config - 5005 enable anonymous login checked webviewer port 80 ddns checked domain name gman.avers.com.tw [host name from ddns setup below] password [password from ddns setup below] ddns server name: ddns.avers.com.tw ddns server port: 1053 network cable attached to netgear wireless adapter router port forwarding with dvr ip on ports 5005, 5550, 1053, and 80 (note the netgear adapter has it's own ip. Because the local area network setup works, I don't think this is an issue.) ddns setup from ddns.avers.com.tw website host name - gman domain names avers.com.tw, dispatch.avers.com.tw averdigi i-viewer iphone app name: gman host: gman.avers.com.tw port: 80 (tried 5550, 5005, and 1053) id: admin [same as dvr] password: [same as dvr] The app goes to the camera screen, but says connection failed. Some of these values are different as I didn't want to post the real host name, id and password. posting.php?mode=post&f=6# Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, The house was recently painted and they somehow got paint onto the glass. The paint in just in small dots like it caught some spray. What is the proper way to clean it off, if there is one? I may ask the contractor to do it, but since they didn't think ahead enough to cover the camera, I'm not so sure they could do it correctly. Thanks
  8. gman

    Avermedia DVRs

    andyh747, How is it going with the dvr? I'm looking to pick one up and was curious about your experience.
  9. My budget is pretty limited, so I went against the advice of the board members and bought a Q-see bundled with some cameras. The dvr is worse than the Lorex I have as the videos are much grainier. Live and learn. I'll be ordering the avermedia later today.
  10. gman

    8Ch DVR for CNB 24VF's

    This avermedia lists android support in the specs: http://www.avermedia.com/averdigi/product/Detail.aspx?id=280 It isn't clear if it is a dedicated app or through the browser. Plus, it says viewer, so you may not be able to do much through it yet (playback, etc.).
  11. Hey everyone, After a lot of searching and hair loss, it is now down to these two options. They are both within my price range, and I like the idea of hybrid over straight analog, but quality has to come first. Plans for the cameras are four 3.6mm cams and three vari-focus with floodlights for night, preferably dome. I'll be recording all the time and using the motion detection to help filter throughout the video. I'm having a problem with the neighbor so I want to be sure to catch as much as possible. Any thoughts you have would be very appreciated.
  12. Thanks Sean. I did see those on the Mace website, but I was hoping to find a few other sites that carry them so I could find the best price.
  13. Hey Everyone, After reading the forum for several days now, it looks like a Dahua DVR is best to fit my needs. Problem is, I'm having trouble finding them. At Rory's suggestion to others, I have looked at Mace and Qsee (can't find Intellicam anywhere, is it maybe Intellipix?), but would like to look at other brands as well. For example, monoprice.com has a dvr with the following specs: Monoprice is proud to offer a high quality cost effective DVR solution for your security system! Featuring a user friendly linux based mouse driven graphical user interface (GUI), remote access via Internet Explorer for menu control and monitoring of playback, a maximum recording rate of 240 frames per second (FPS), H.264 video encoding which uses up to 50% less storage space than Mpeg4 encoding, event notifications to e-mail or PC client systems, and various backup options available such as a USB flash drive, an external CD/DVD writer, or the included DVD-RW drive, this is a DVR that provides the ultimate level of protection for your home or business at a price that's affordable. Features: - User friendly graphical user interface (GUI) - Mouse driven GUI - Easy to use menu composition - Easy to use recorded data search (time, date, motion, alarm) - Auto restart after power interruption - DB structure offers data stabilization and optimum storage utilization - Remote control via client program - Remote full access via Internet Explorer (menu control, monitoring, playback) - Pan, tilt, zoom control - Embedded Linux OS - H.264 encoding (uses up to 50% less space than Mpeg4) - Multi channel playback - IR remote control - Event notifications to e-mail, buzzer, or PC client system - Various backup options available (USB flash drive, external CD/DVD, SATA DVD-RW (included)) - Storage: 3 SATA hard drives up to 2TB each for a total of 6TB maximum (not included) Is there any way to figure out if this is Dahua or not?
  14. Hello everyone, I have to say, this is probably one of the best forums I have ever been on. Learned more in the past 2 days than in weeks of research. I'm looking to upgrade my current 4 camera Lorex system ( I know, but needed something quick). It is an LH314 with H.264 compression and VGA resolution (640 x 480) per channel, 480 TVL. I would prefer to replace components in increments so it is not such a hit to the budget. Question is, if I replace the cameras with something better, can the dvr handle the input? I'm thinking of getting: CNB-D2760NIR Total Pixels Number - 811(H) x 508(V) 410K Effective Pixels Number - 768(H) x 494(V) 380K Horizontal Resolution - 530 TV lines Thanks for the help.