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  1. SysRq

    "recording missing" flashing on screen

    Which version of the nvr software are you using? I have seen it before with version and it is solved with version
  2. Aver is selling dongles. With this dongle you can make a pure IP recorder system. See link: http://surveillance.aver.com/model/pure-NVR-NXU8000 Have you also tried tcp or udp setting in Aver recorder.
  3. SysRq

    NV6480e, cameras show blank green screen

    Hi, NV6480e has a compatibility problem with socket 1155 motherboards. Avermedia knows about it and is working on a solution.
  4. SysRq

    Low Resolution via Network views on 6240

    If you are using Internet Explorer (ActiveX) to do remote viewing you can do rightmouse button on image. Now you can increase the quality.
  5. SysRq

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, Everyone I'm an ICT specialist and since 3 year I'm also active in CCTV business. In the last two years I visit this forum now and then to gather some info if I need it. I have registered to the forum so I can give something back to the forum. Thanks a lot for this great forum.