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  1. recombinant


    Its not obsolete. They are still being sold under the Honeywell name. Sounds like your contractor is just using a DVR that does not carry the protocols. Bear in mind, most Ultrak domes could work off of different protocols including Pelco P, Pelco D, Diamond, Max, and even the newer ones can read VCL.
  2. recombinant

    Casino project

    Sounds like someone who has had some dealings with the gaming vertical market.....+1 Joe Bal. Before you pick a DVR, you should find out what the gaming regulations dictate for the casino you installing in. Every gaming body has recording regulations, NGC, NIGA, etc, and they are all a little different. Your DVR needs to implicitly comply with these regs. Once you have selected your DVR, then consider your matrix. Usually higher end manufactures that have NVR/DVR systems that meet gaming regs will have matrix switches will full on integration to the NVR/DVR system. Good luck in your search, robzee67, I hope the project goes well for you!!!
  3. recombinant

    Name that DVR! :)

    Some systems give you an option, at the time of the clip export, to send the file in a native format, or in a general media format (AVI, WMV etc). If you select the native format options, the default is usually to export with it a clip player. I assume from your above post it does not export the player with it. I suggest hunting the manufactures website for a download of their clip player.....(i would check for you, but the link does not work for me)
  4. recombinant

    2 x Cameras down 1 x RG59

    Yeah, pricey is the name of the game for problem solver products like that. I like to think of it as situational pricing......The builder gets to think "When ever one gets into that situation, what is the most we could charge them to get them out of the jam?" It can get spendy.
  5. recombinant

    IR Illuminator "Golden State Instrument"

    This is going to be a problem. I assume that you will be using the tighter focal lengths. If so, then your base aperature needs to be multiplied by the multiplier applied to the base focal length. EG: 5-100mm lens - assuming your shot will have you setting the lens to 60mm. base focal length is 5mm, so divide 60 by 5. you have a multiplier of 12. Assuming your aperature (f stop) is say, 1.3, then your minimum aperature is 15.6! This is part of why your picture is black! Even adding the IR wont get the best bang for you buck because you are using a varifocal lens. Suggestions to remedy this. 1) find out what focal lenght you really need and shop for the closest fixed focal lenght lens, or find a varifocal that will not have you using most of its zoom capabilities. 2) Get a high res b/w camera with an manually settable shutter. 3) get a IR illuminator that is approx 850nm, and size it to exceed the distance you require by at least 20% 4) tell your customer that this system will pick up 60% or so of the plates. OR Check out extremecctv's liscence plate capture system. Its big, its ugly, its expensive but it works 100% of the time.
  6. recombinant

    anyone know anything about these guys?

    hmmm....Interesting. I am from that area and have not ran into them. In the about us page they discuss how they are a manufacture, but they claim to have installers. I wonder if they manage the sales direct and use a network of dealers to subcontract? sorry, I cant say I know much about them. It concerns me a bit that they do not have any corporate info on their site. Its almost like they do not want you know about them.
  7. recombinant

    Mpeg4 to avi converter

    Very true Doug. I am sure this request is related to the jewelry store robbery post earlier, and if that is so, you are dead on. Converting your codec, unless done by the DVR itself, will cause issues. Besides, if you could convert the codec after you exported the clip, then whoever built your DVR did not provide you with a sufficient level of clip integrity. This constitutes editing of your incident. Not bueno. Your DVR should be able to export the clip in a generic player codec, but better yet, export it in the native format with the proprietary player. This should carry over a higher level of integrity certification.
  8. recombinant

    Coax vs UTP

    Are you saying that video on RG59 is less inductive to RF/EMF than video over UTP?
  9. recombinant

    1 camera with POS/DVR...help!

    I assume that the POS system is in place correct? You merely need to interface into it and insert that data into your camera/DVR, right?