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  1. bigb56

    Problem with video signal over CAT6

    Actually I swapped in a power supply from an identical camera that is working fine but it didn't help. The power is at the camera, I only run the video signal thru the CAT6 with a power supply at each camera so no shared power supplies. What I finally did was change baluns again and that solved it. The baluns were all new but no name ones which I think I got from Amazon some time ago. Looks like they are hit or miss. I have several styles, these are the big ones and I suspect poor quality. So after racking my brain I decided to try baluns again as I didn't see how it could be anything else since I proved out everything else. Thanks for your reply, it's kind of quiet around here I noticed. I'm doing a major overhaul of my CCTV system plus adding an 8 channel Dahua NVR and some IP cams, I'll probably have more questions.
  2. I have several analog cameras from Rugged CCTV (now Rugged Cams) that I ran for years with CAT6 and (non-powered passive) baluns. Recently one of them stopped working, lost video signal. I replaced the baluns, I switched to another known good CAT6 pair, nothing. Then I brought the camera to the DVR and connected it with siamese and it worked. Used the same power supply, so power supply is good and IR lights up. The run is about 75 feet. Not sure where to go next
  3. I also wonder how good this camera is and if it is just priced low because it is an older model https://2024onlineshop.ru/product/404325055759
  4. Hard to believe I registered here in 2011, I was in the electrical business and we had stated doing camera installs but got so busy with electrical we didn't end up doing many installs, mostly CCTV and a few IP setups, plus a lot of folks just went with Ring devices etc. Anyway in the past 13 years I haven't really kept up on the tech and I retired in 2019 but here is what I am looking for: I would like to monitor a roundabout intersection in front of my house 24/7. For 14 years or more I have had a POE ACTI camera doing this connected to a PC but having issues now. I would like to go with one or two new cameras and an NVR. I would like decent resolution but not sure at what point the extra cost is not worth another tiny gain, not looking for a plate reader. The distance is about 50-60 feet from the camera location to the target area, and the camera(s) will be mounted at 14' in height. Exposed to full weather and the Arizona desert Summers. My budget is not really that tight, but like I explained don't want to spend a lot on diminishing returns. Fixed cameras are fine, no need for PTZ. Looking for suggestions and much appreciated.