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  1. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    cctv system that is ideal for every ones home

    All the 4 Channel DVRs from the website, apart from one being the AVTech 674, are indeed all D1 Recorders, 25 FPS per channel.
  2. Pick up a used linksys router that is DD-WRT flashable. Router manufactures are so slow updating there firmware, so i prefer open source supported hardware.
  3. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Help with motion Detection settings

    You can try masking out areas of movement, such as the trees, if possible. Sometimes the issue is that the cameras produce a grainy image that is interpreted by the dvr as movement.
  4. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Capturing exterior through window ???

    You could try using an infrared sensitive camera on the inside, and have an infrared light outside?
  5. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Hard Drive RPM

    I personally use Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB hard drives, which are 7200rpm. But due to the floods in Thailand, hard drives prices are still high but are dropping slowly, So I’d wait a couple a few weeks to save a few bob. I've never had much luck with WD, so avoid them.
  6. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Cheap system

    Your best picking up a cheap dvr for about the £100-150, you can also get cameras from £20 and up. You will also need cables and a power supply for the cameras.
  7. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    CCTV camera options? Advice needed

    Like Soundy said, IR cameras wil not work behind glass. The camera is best to be mounted on the wall with a clear view of sight. Here is a budget cctv camera system, that might do the trick.
  8. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Hello Everybody !!!

    hello and welcome
  9. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Newbie with a March networks 4250 dvr

    hello and welcome
  10. Aban-CCTV-Camera


    hello and welcome
  11. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    extreme cold weather cameras and equipment (-60)

    OMG -50, brrrrrrr
  12. Aban-CCTV-Camera


    Welcome along, love the name lol.
  13. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    HDD RPM speed important on a DVR?

    I always use Samsung SpinPoint F3, and find them very reliable.
  14. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Installation problem

    Perhaps it’s a power supply issue? The camera might be under powered when connected with all the other cameras? Just a suggestion.
  15. Aban-CCTV-Camera

    Recomandations Camera facing Light at night

    Take a look at the PIXIM cameras. They offer the best results for high light contrasts.