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  1. 16 Camera's Analog system.. (540 TVLines for 14 Cameras, 560 for 2). Any suggestion? I have the system built and the DV-9448 card was just a headache and put me 2 weeks behind schedule. I just RMA'd it and I'm looking for something that just works. The Camera's are installed, the lines are working, I just need a solid card that I can pop in, attach the camera's and get this system up and running. I'm looking for something reliable from a company with good Tech support.. something in the roughly $900-$1600 range. I have it connected to the internet as I need the PC to be able to accessed Remotely, and have a fairly simple interface (Clients aren't the most tech savvy.). System: Intel H55 Motherboard 4GB Ram Intel Core i5 Quad Core @ 3.2GHz ATI HD5450 Video Card 640GB C: OS/Software Drive 2 TB WD Black Video Storage Drive I'd like atleast 15FPS Viewing/Record (So 480FPS) Minimum... Who should i look into? Geovision?Avermedia? HIKvision?
  2. Does the company actually have a site where I can read up on it? I'm trying to go with a company that actually is somewhat easy to find/get a hold of.
  3. I had a DVB-9448 from Eyemax. The camera's should have been installed already but I've had nothing but issues. PC: Intel H55 Mobo Intel Core i5 Quad Core (3.2Ghz) Radeon 5450 Video Card 4 Gigs of Ram Antec Earthwatts 650W PSU WD 640GB Internal Drive (O/S) WD 2TB Internal Drive (Video Storage) WIN7 32/64bit I had an Eyemax DVB-9448 Card. After 1 week of being on the phone with tech support constantly with no resolution, I've finally had enough. I just called another company to talk to tech support. They said there should be no issue with my Motherboard or Video Cards (Considering I've tried 3).. Likely a faulty card. I'm going to call the company I originally bought the system through (Card, Camera's, etc.) and return the card. However I'm not very comfortable with all the issues this board has (Only certain Video Cards/Motherboards). I need something straightforward, easy to use (I can set up no problem, however the main user, my father, is not very tech savvy and needs a simple remote interface.). Here's basically what I need: Viewing/Recording at a decent frame rate (Preferably 15FPS+/16 Cameras) Remote access for up to 10 users. Iphone/Android support would be cool, but thats not an issue. I want something that is capable of that and is fairly straightforward. Comes with a solid manual and has solid quality. I've been looking into Avermedia. The cost of the DVB-9448 was roughly $850, but I've been ok'd to go up to roughly $1000. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm going to be returning the card per tech support.
  5. So you believe that the Intel H55 Motherboard is the culprit? Would the MSI H55 or P55 be a reasonable Solution? I've already purchased several items for "Configuration issues" and I basically am a motherboard shy of building a new PC and the parents are not too pleased.
  6. I am setting up a PC-Based DVR for my parents store. I'm knowledgable moreso with computers than Camera's. Hooking them up is not an issue. Here's the problem. I'm running Win7 32-bit and per the company I bought it from I'm using: Intel Processor (i5 Quad Core) ATI Radeon 5670 Video Card 640Gig C:\ Drive 2TB Data dump drive. 4 Gigs RAM Intel H55 Mobo. Now we have an old standalone DVR thats on it's last leg. When I hook the camera up to it we get full video feed. Whenever I plug the Camera into the DV-9448 all I get is a black screen on our Monitor. It's showing that there is a live feed AND that there is motion detected, but it's not through-putting the live feed of the camera. I've talked to them and they're trying to say that it's either my OS install (Which is fresh and I'm qualified enough to know that this system is running at peak performance) or that it's my video card doesn't have enough power. The second part is even more humorous as the 5670 has 800 stream processors, 1 GB GDDR5 Memory, and they were using the 4600 Series cards. So my theory is it's either a faulty DVR Card OR the Eyemax Software is bunk.. However with it working on their systems and other homebuilders, it leaves me to believe that it's likely the card. I just can't understand it's issue considering the fact that Windows sees it, and says it's functioning normally. Any Suggestions?