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  1. turnbow99

    Remote recording from multiple sites

    Thanks guys. I am learning a lot here. We have already put a freeze on purchasing any more equipment until we can figure this out. What do any of you suggest we use from ground up that will accomplish our goal? Thanks again.
  2. turnbow99

    Remote recording from multiple sites

    We can already view the cameras over our network, we just need to record it.
  3. turnbow99

    Remote recording from multiple sites

    We have different brands we are using. They do have motion detection on them and we are using it. I have not had any problems with it picking up any movement. In fact, for the price I am getting these for, i have been well pleased with the performance. We only need a couple of weeks worth of viewing, if that makes any differance
  4. turnbow99

    Remote recording from multiple sites

    4 and 8 channel with 500 gig hard drives. Not real high end stuff, but it serves our local purposes. They are h.264 units. As far as a budget, we don't know enough to set one at this point. Lets call it $10,000.00 to start. Thanks for the help.
  5. turnbow99

    Remote recording from multiple sites

    We have had our units damaged and stolen bNHy burglars in the past. We want to be able to watch the break ins from remote locations. Security cabinets have not worked. In fact, at one store they actually took an atm machine that was mounted to the floor. Hiding the dvr wont work, because employees have been involved in the robberies and knew where to look. My boss wants remote recording. He is not going to be happy until he gets it.
  6. I work for a conveinance store company with 47 units currently. Each of these units have 4 to 8 cameras on site. None are IP cameras. We are installing dvr systems with network capabilities, and we have our own dedicated network. We want to be able to not only record locally, but also at our home office continuously. So we are talking about recording 250 to 300 cameras in a single place. 1. Can this be done over our network? 2. Will we be able to isolate each individual unit and then their cameras? 3. What will it take to do this? Please not too technical. The systems we are using are pretty basic. The CCTV side of it I am pretty familiar with, the computer side of what we will need, I'm not so comfortable with. I do have IT people I can involve if the answer is too complicated. What I would really like to hear is specific equipment brands. Thanks.