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    Tp-link powerline adapter for trade

    Trade pending When some one has been a member of this forum for over two years and has posted almost 300 posts that are intelligent answers to technical questions, they have my trust as far as trading with them
  2. quick_pick

    fs---Ganz MP!DN

    Yes, I'd meant 200gb because that would be perfect to back up my digital family photo album I guess I'd left off two zero's by mistake I am sending you a pm now [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  3. quick_pick

    fs---Ganz MP!DN

    I have A Ganz MP1DN for sale for only $150.00
  4. quick_pick

    fs---Ganz MP!DN

    A 2gb hard drive would be great The picture quality is great and the camera see's in the dark as good as my other camera's [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  5. quick_pick

    fs---Ganz MP!DN

    I put the lens from my Iqinvision camera on the Ganz MP1DN that I have for sale to try it out and the Ganz MP1DN is realy a very decent camera My Ganz MP1DN is still for sale or trade---a large capacity hard drive would be a good trade As far as the price, make me an offer I am willing to accept a reasonable offer [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  6. My netgear wnce2001 costed around $20 dollars refurbished from newegg and is pretty much plug and play It allows me to use a wired ip camera wirelessly and was EASY to set up and has been working flawlessly for weeks and weeks
  7. What kind of lens do i need to buy for a Ganz MP1DN? http://computarganz.com/product_view.cfm?product_id=774 Does any one on this forum have a lens that will work for sale?
  8. Am I able to use the lens from my iq752 on my Ganz MP1DN? Also, the lens on my several other camera's has a wire that gets plugged into the camera's body The lens on my iq752 does not have that wire What is the wire that goes from the lens to the camera body? Thanks [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  9. Any one have experience with Ganz day/night camera's? A family member got me a Ganz MP1DN that I do not have a lens for yet. Being that I already have an iq751, I am wondering which camera I should keep. If I open the Ganz MP1DN and test it, it will no longer be brand new in an unopened box. Are Ganz good camera's? How do they do in low light with a low cost illuminator? I think that something else I have to consider in deciding which camera to keep is that Iqinvision has a many year warantee I guess that I am asking for you experts opinions about the goods and bads of the iq751 I already own and am thrilled with and the brand new Ganz MP1DN that I still need a lens for Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it!]
  10. I do have an "old" account My next question is about port numbers If my existing camera is at address 192.xxx.x.x:8181, do I need to use 192.xxx.x.x:8282 for my next camera? Can two camera's be on the same "port"? Thanks [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  11. Would the ASUS WL-330N3G 6-in-1 Wireless-N150 Mobile Router http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833320068 allow me to plug the Ethernet cable of my ip camera into it and be able to access a router in another room of my house? Also, is there decent wireless access point/gaming adapter for around 30 dollars? I promise that i am not being lazy---it is just that i am not sure what to look for Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  12. I am looking for a way to use two different routers that are in different rooms for the two camera's in the same room That way, if something happened to one router, i would still have eye's in the room Is using a powerline network adopter going from a camera in one room to a router in another room an option? Also, is there any kind of wireless adapter than can be connected to a camera that is not wireless? Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  13. That's so wrong. Why would you even admit to this? To each his own I guess. You "hijacked" my thread---the knowledge people who i was counting on to answer my camera/router question are now focused on the stupid things you wrote about refurbs You are a very mean thread hijacker
  14. My IQinvision iq701 is not wireless My two routers are independent of each other Same isp, two different internet accounts [and two different internet bills] The reason I want both camera's in the same room connected to two different routers is so that if one router goes down, and especially when each of the routers restarts all by itself w/my not wanting it to once each day, the camera connected to the other router will still be online In reference to using a wireless adapter, something i realized is that i will not know how to configure it to my dyndns account, which is the same thing that happened with my powerline adapter [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it!]
  15. Will NETGEAR WNCE2001-100NAR Universal Wireless Internet Adapter For TV & BLU-RAY http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122432 work? I can get it for only $12.00 right now As far as my having had tried to use a powerline network adapter, i tried to use tp-link tl-pa211kit I plugged one adapter into the router in the office and the other one in the room the camera was in The tp-link software on the computer the router is connected to recognized the camera as a "device" but i did not know how to put the camera online At any rate, will the NETGEAR WNCE2001-100NAR Universal Wireless Internet Adapter For TV & BLU-RAY provide me a way to put an ip camera in one room online through the use of a router in another room Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it!]
  16. Do i use the Lan or wan port to connect to my router that is connected to dsl internet connection? Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  17. quick_pick

    ir corrected lens question

    How much of a difference is there between using a non ir corrected lens on a day/night camera as compared to using an ir corrected lens? More specificaly, will the Pentax TS2V314CED provide decent video when the camera switches to night mode? Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in under 2 minutes, drill it]
  18. quick_pick

    ir corrected lens question

    I think what that means is that a non ir corrected lens will not "see" my external ir illuminator Is that correct?
  19. quick_pick


    pm sent--ie, Geutebrueck cam2ip video server
  20. I just purchased an IQeye IQ751, model #IQ751V3NPNE, and an external iluminator for use of monitoring my home on the internet at night while there are not any lights on in my house. The camera has to be shipped to me so it will be a couple of days before i get it. Is the iq751 relatively easy to put online? Is there a limit to the number of people who can view it online at one time? Should i be teaching myself how to use a particular software while i am waiting for my camera to be delivered? Is the iq751 a reliable camera? Also What is you experts general opinion of this particular camera Thank you in advance
  21. An active member of cctvforum.com set up my router/modem/camera remotely over the internet My IQ751 is AWESOME---with my external illuminator, it can see in a completely dark room as clearly as if all of the lights were turned on The picture is always very clear, even in the dark... The IQ751 is just an outright AWESOME camera!
  22. Camera is no longer available
  23. I am selling my working Samsung snb-5000 ip camera because I got a new camera directly from the manufacturer The snb-5000 is set up right now and works great I can send a link to anyone who wants to view the camera online Price? $100---Does that seem reasonable? Let me know if interested
  24. I just plugged my camera into a router and now it is asking for an ip address
  25. I got my camera today I used poe and turned the camera on I connected the camera to my Tv and got a picture that looks like a picture in picture that i'd like to figure out after i get the camera viewable online I have an Ethernet cable plugged into the cable company dsl box on one end and the other end of the Ethernet cable into the side of my EnGenius epe-5818af poe side that says network I plugged the ap/bridge side of my poe into my camera Then, with the IQtools cd, i clicked on "scan for iq camera on my network" The iqfinder has steady been scanning and is still scanning What do i need to do next Thank you in advance [if you can't pick it in under to minutes, drill it]