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  1. My cable modem only has one ethernet connection What do i use to plug into that one ethernet connection that i can plug several other ethernet enabled devices into [if you can't pick the lock in 2 minutes or less, drill it]
  2. The video server: http://www.geutebrueck.com/microsite/cam2ip/index_en.htm i just bought can use PoE in accordance with IEEE 802.3af When i look online, there are PoE injectors, PoE switches and PoE adapters Which do i need to use power over ethernet to power my video server? Also, my video server itself will provide power to the camera when using PoE Does powering my camera w/the video servers PoE use a different PoE?
  3. Thanks I just bought a Geutebruck Cam2IP Encoder and Software from off of the internet I hope to post an evaluation of it after i get it
  4. The Axis 241s video server that i have a chance to buy is listed as a "blade server" Am i able to use a "blade server" as any other video server or is there a special housing required for it? Another option for me to purchase is the Axis 2401+ video server Does anyone have any experience with and/or an opinion of that one Lastly: A brand new Grandstream gvx3501 video server, with shipping, works out to about $120.00 Is anyone familiar with the Grandstream GXV3501 video server It is listed as being an h.264 video server Is it any good Grandstream is a big name in ip phones but i have not seen any reviews of their video servers I am ready to make a purchase so i would appreciate any input Thank you in advance
  5. quick_pick

    Analog IP Gateway GXW410x

    The Grandstream Analog IP Gateway GXW410x has an h.264 video surveillance port for the Analog IP Gateway to be used as an h.264 video server Is using the Grandstream gxw410x strictly as a video server a matter of "plug and play?
  6. quick_pick

    IP cameras and market pricing

    Has anyone had a chance to use this camera? I'd be interested to know how it does in low light And I'd be especially interested in knowing how a camera that uses the sip protocol [session Initiation Protocol] does Thanks
  7. My camera is a Samsung snc-550 My computer is a dell m6300 I connected a "patch" cable from the ethernet of my camera to the ethernet of my computer, typed in the ip address in the address bar of my windows xp system like the instruction book said to and "page can not be found" I already installed the camera software on my computer How do i connect my camera to my computer to be able to configure it? Thanks in advance
  8. If "network cable unplugged" even with a "crossover, does that mean the "web server" part of the camera is broken?
  9. Do i connect the acti cam-5320 to my computer to set it up? The pdf instructions for the ip utility show a big list of camera's already on the list and not where the camera's were plugged in to The pdf instructions for the "streaming activator" already has a camera in the preview window and a list of camera's already there with out showing where the camera's are plugged in to Also, my internet connection is with a "belkin surf" router If i plug my acti cam-5320 into my router, are there things i have to set up on the router to tell it to let my camera access the internet Thanks in advance
  10. quick_pick

    Want to buy

    I want to purchase either a true day/night camera AND a video server with it OR a day/night ip camera OR a network dvr that i can connect a samsung ip camera that the "ip" does not work up to I would rather spend my money with some one on this forum than ebay I can pay by paypal or i can trade an hp 17" desktop replacement laptop, model 8710 p that i'll include a quadro fx1600m laptop "work station" video card with it [The "stock" video card is "discreet" graphics as compared to the graphics "built in" to the laptop] Thank you in advance
  11. quick_pick

    0.15 lux question

    Is a Samsung SCD-2021 with a lux of 0.15Lux - 50 IRE @F1.2 good for use in a dark room [sorry if it is a dumb question]
  12. quick_pick

    0.15 lux question

    I have a chance to buy a cbc-03A It is a network camera like i am looking for and is also a "day/night" camera that i hope i can use my "light" that is for night time use that a "day/night" camera can see Do you think the cbc-03A is a good choice for in a dark room with an "illuminator"? Thanks in advance
  13. Please pm me with price of encoder
  14. Please pm me with encoder price
  15. I plugged a smartronix brand superlooper T1/E1 crossover adapter into my computer, plugged my ethernet cable into that, the other end into my camera and: Network cable is unplugged what is the 1st step of troubleshooting where the problem is? Thanks
  16. Do i just plug one end of the ethernet cable into an adapter link or do i need one at both ends? If any one is laughing, i can understand---it must seem like a very much of a newbie question [if ya can't pick it in under 2 minutes, use a drill]
  17. Thank you for responding My next question is: How do i know which cable is a cross over cable? Are they a certain color or anything like that?
  18. Here is a copy of an email about the camera: I had bought an elmo ptc-100s This thing pans 360 degree's, tilts from floor to ceiling and, when using the 22x optical zoom, it focuses as fast as it zooms And do you know what? It is not a day/night camera so i am trading or selling it You were nice enough to have answered my email before i got the camera so i am giving you the 1st option as a trade or purchase I saw a manufacture refurbished one online for $700 All i want for this one i only used for an hour is to trade it for a reasonably decent day/night ip camera in the $250 price range w/my main biggest concern being that... I just wanna trade for a decent ip camera that works Tell me what you think Response was: I think you are asking a fair trade. You may want to post this request in the classifieds section to see what you get. It is an incredible camera I want to trade it for a decent day/night ip camera Please pm me
  19. quick_pick

    22x optical zoom camer for sale or trade

    I'll take a reasonable trade or accept a surprisingly low cash offer A trade for something like a couple of high capacity hard drives or a video server or a video game system or a point and shoot camera or a mona lisa camera or...... Make an offer
  20. My camera has a bnc to rca video out My laptop is a dell m6300 with a quadro fx1600m video card with out an rca input Is there an adapter to connect my camera to my laptop? Thanks
  21. I bought a used samsung snc-550 The video out almost looks like a coax cable connector What kind of wire do i use for the video out to connect it to either a computer or tv Thank you in advance for answering such a newbie question
  22. Does the elmo ptc-100s have the features that qualify it as a day/night camera? Would it "see" ir if i used an illuminator? Also, i think it is made to be hung upside down Would it not being upside down effect the use of the ptz? Thanks in advance
  23. quick_pick

    Is elmo ptc-100s a day/night camera?

    The 750 dollar camera that ups will deliver on Friday won't much do me any good if it will not "see" ir. Is it possible to trade the camera with some 1 on this forum for one that is a "true" day/night camera?
  24. By network camera host, i mean a way to have friends and family go on the internet and see what my network camera is seeing