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  1. danster_uk

    Interference on cams over CAT5

    I'd like to thank you all for your advice. Much appreciated. I will post results once i've fitted baluns.
  2. danster_uk

    Interference on cams over CAT5

    Sorry, forgot to mention based in Manchester, UK.
  3. danster_uk

    Interference on cams over CAT5

    Hello guys, Again, thanks for the responses. Looks like i'll be needing some baluns then. The cameras originally came with a female phono for video and 3.5mm female for the power supply (I said they were cheap!). I cut both off and hard wired to the cat5 pairs. I hard wired the power supplies at the other end, and soldered on some male phono sockets which then go into a Phono>BNC converter for the DVI card. The DVI card takes BNC so no problem here, I can simply remove the phonos & converter & insert baluns, but at the camera end, I would have to cut the BNC connector off the baluns, and again solder direct to camera. I assume this wouldn't cause a problem? I've priced them up at Maplin, £14.99 for a pair!!! Do you know any other (cheaper) suppliers? Oh, do I need baluns for the power pairs, or just the video? I have 3 pairs coming back from the 2 cameras... 2 x video, 2 x 12v+ and 2 x GND. On which do I need to add baluns (if not all)? Many thanks
  4. danster_uk

    Interference on cams over CAT5

    Hi guys, Thanks for your prompt replies. tomcctv - I've not used baluns for one simple reason - I have no idea what they are! CCTV is not my area of expertise as you've probably gathered. I've put my years of graphic design experience into good use, and attached a detailed, accurate wiring diagram Both cameras are running through one CAT 5 cable (the diagram is deceiving). The cameras were bought from the same place, I have several others yet to install and I guess this is going to become a big nightmare, so if you have any suggestions as to how to eliminate it, you would save me a big headache. Thanks, Danster
  5. danster_uk

    Interference on cams over CAT5

    Hello peeps, Just wanting some advice regards a couple of cams i've just thrown up. Basically 2 x cheapo ebay cams from our friends in Hong Kong. I've wired them to CAT5 running about 15 metres or so. Each cam being powered from a seperate 12v adaptor. As you can see from attached pic, there's intereference on both cams that scrolls from left to right on one camera, and vice versa on the other. When I unplug one of the power supplies, the interference disappears on the other cam and picture quality improves, and vice versa. Any ideas on how to eliminate this interference will be much appreciated. Thanks guys!