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    llittle advice needed

    I would look at YI internet cameras... they are super easy to set up and use with super resolution and they're about $50/camera. The only thing is you would need an IP67 box, but that is a minimal issue. Amazing recording, alarms, cell or PC access and Cloud Record and memory stick too.
  2. Joel Mateo

    I have an interesting request.

    Strategically place mirrors may be another answer.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to anticipate customers expectations when purchasing. Many suppliers do not specifically state whether or not the Preset is for Zoom.
  4. I understand that PTZ cameras imply that they can all pan, tilt, and zoom. Many have preset positions. My question is for preset positions is it typical for the camera to store/memorize the zoom position? Does it matter if it is a "relative" or "absolute" zoom. Is this something on only higher-end PTZ cameras or typical for most analog PTZ cameras.
  5. Joel Mateo

    Terminology Confusion

  6. Joel Mateo

    Terminology Confusion

    I see a lot of new cameras on the market with some interesting features, but getting real definitions and answers is difficult at best. When I see a 3x Varifocal Sync Focus (Pan Focus) Lens Dome Camera with RS-485, my guess is that it has a 3X-Zoom that would be adjustable via RS-485, other than that, I get a little confused with the "Varifocal Sync Focus (Pan Focus) " which appears to be all one term. Does anyone have a good definition of these terms? Thanks