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  1. I am struggling getting a big 60x lens on a panasonic wv CL934 box camera back focused properly. The camera has an auto back focus which doesn't quite work. My limited understanding with box cameras and lenses is that I should set the zoom to wide and the focus to far and then let the camera do it's auto backfocus. Once set correctly, the image should stay in focus through the whole zoom range? Any pointers?
  2. Can anyone shed any light on the correct wiring for the zoom and focus drives on a Fujinon/Computar 60X lens? There seems to be very little info about other than a simple pinout diagram. Zoom has two pins on a 15 way d type (3 and 4). There are two modes of operation: COM and IND. No idea what these are but I am guessing one (IND) is where the control voltage goes from zero to 12V (or 6V if set to 6V mode) and the other mode (COM) is where the control voltage goes from +12V to -12V. I am assuming this is a direct connection to the drive motor and not an input to a servo amplifier? There is no specific pin on the 15way for any power input, but there is another connector (a round 5 way) which has a 12V and 0V input but the diagram alludes to this being related to the IR mode. I can't believe these lenses have so little info on the net considering the cost of them! This is what I found on the computar site: http://www.cbc-cctv.com/uploads/tx_n21download/H60Z1238A-IRF_ver1.2.pdf Any help appreciated!
  3. Yep, know that, just looking for an IP encoder that supports analogue HD input... or at a push HDMI or SDI input.
  4. and this one: http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-camerasindustrial/cat-ciblockcameras/product-FCBH11/
  5. Like this: http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-camerasindustrial/cat-ciblockcameras/product-FCBEH6500/
  6. Anyone have any experience with these? Looking at IQCCTV IQR4D and Xvision X4D1H Both offer full D1 at 100fps across 4 cameras. The IQCCTV only has BNC and VGA monitor out whereas the Xvision has HDMI too. Anyone else I should consider in the sub £200 bracket?
  7. Anyone???? I want to use a Sony HD block camera over IP.
  8. richardtheboffin

    How Big brother reality shows CCTV works?

    Well I wrote a lot of the control software and installed all the cameras on the first Big Brother series. I've also done some of the other 'reality' shows like the School in Harlow, 'The Salon', 'House of tiny tearaways', etc etc. Recording wise, it's all professional Outside Broadcast kit. For BB, they just parked up an OB lorry inside the studio and built up the entire recording and editing suite around it. Cameras were modified Metal Mickey's Some were standard rez, some had very nice 3 chip sony cameras in, some had Pro Sony DXC950 camera and lenses mounted onto camera less Mic's. They also had some HD Mics. Now I think they are moving over to Q-Ball cameras.
  9. Does anyone know of an IP encoder that will accept HD video in, via component analogue?
  10. richardtheboffin

    looking for a low cost D1 DVR

    I'm on the lookout for an economical 8 channel DVR. Should be able to record all 8 channels at half D1 or D1 res at 12fps or better. I need some alarm inputs and outputs too. An HDMI output at full hd would be nice, but not essential. Most i've looked at can't really do many fps on all 8 channels and lack alarms. I don't want to spend too much if poss! Any recommendations?
  11. Just looking for some opinions: For outdoor PTZ applications will HD-SDI over coax and good old 485 telemetry be the prefered upgrade to SD cameras over going to IP? I understand that IP has other benefits, but does latency and complexity cause more issues than it's worth? Just curious as to which way the industry is moving... I can see IP megapixel being great for indoor, fixed (or occaisionaly moved) camera applications where cameras can be hooked into the buildings network cabling, but for 'town centre' applications with real time ptz control will HD-SDI win? Cheers.
  12. richardtheboffin

    1080p on HD_SDI

    I read that HD-SDI, or more correctly SMPTE292M, is 1.5 G bits on a single coax and will only go to 1080i. 1080p requires 3 G bits and a dual link coax? Further reading suggests that 1080p/30 can go across a single coax and it's actually encoded as a 1080i/60 signal. Is that correct?