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  1. anyincctv

    Help!!, PTZ loose focus

    problems with Ptz cameras When cameras are left for two to three days They go out of focus, you can not regain the focus until you reboot the cameras . This happens when the cameras are in auto focus and manual focus I have one camera in manual focus and one camera in auto focus I have arrived on site this morning to find both camera out of focus The Cameras seem to loose there focus at daybreak when the iR returns to day mode During the daytime they work fine
  2. anyincctv

    RJ10 DSP

    haha, RJ10 is designed by a KOREA company, but I cann't remember this company's name. I only know there are many chinese manufacturers use this series (RJ 7, RJ9, RJ10, )
  3. anyincctv


    The best way is to contact with the supplier
  4. anyincctv

    Sharp CCD and Sony CCD difference

    hi, Cantonk is located in Guangzhou, why they told you sharp ccd with 480tvl? By now sharp often does low resolution CCD with 420TVL. BTW, Sony CCD with 420TVL is $8.0 higher than Sharp. Which resolution you should select depends on what kind of cameras you want to buy, and where to use them. So you can tell the seller your requirement, then they give your best solution. Any question about security camera, I'd like to help you
  5. anyincctv

    AVTECH cameras with Sony Effio DSP

    you can see the video here http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjM2NDczNzUy.html AVTECH AVC 452 A 600TVL Sony effio DSP * * FEATURES * * ( 1) 1/ 3" Color CCD with SONY Effio DSP ( 2) High resolution ( 3) Low light sensitivity of 0.1 Lux at F2.0, 0 Lux ( IR ON) ( 4) IP67 standard approved case ( 5) Day and night features for 24-hour surveillance For detailed information, please go to http://www.itrademarket.com/bahana_solusindo/2583772
  6. anyincctv

    Greetings from Norway!

    china-stuff is becoming the synonym of cheap
  7. anyincctv

    CCTV Camera Wanted

    based on whose design? it's their own design, we manufacture. of course, not all of them are our clients. BTW, We're doing our own model and they will come out next month.
  8. anyincctv

    Hello from Louisiana

    welcome " title="Applause" /> you will find what you wanna in this forum, it's a really good cctv forum
  9. anyincctv

    CCTV Camera Wanted

    you can buy it through website, such as *******. you have many choices there. here is a link for your ref. [mod edit: store link removed - please read the rules] Also I don't agree the views of Tainbone215. In fact many well-known brand cameras are made in china, such as BOSCH, CNB, HONEYWELL. we are one of their OEM factories
  10. anyincctv

    HELP! Auto Iris Lens Voltage question

    we are a camera manufacturer, we say "yes, you can use 6v Auto Iris lens"
  11. axis 232d 18x optical zoom, autofocus lens axis 232d+ 18x optical + 12x digital zoom lens with auto focus please refer the below: http://www.axis.com/products/cam_232d/
  12. anyincctv


    had better install under ADMI, you can authorize User
  13. it's italian language, can you tell us the type of the DVR ?
  14. anyincctv

    Hi, I'm new here

    Really good forum, just find it. glad to meet everybody, hope i can give you some help in this field