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  1. twinturbo

    Let me know if im missing anything

    Well I am not entirely sure how far the cameras will be (i know the location outside where I want the cameras), but the extra cable will come in handy for the addition of other cameras. Will not be further than 100' for sure. As for the monitor cable I was thinking of putting the dvr in a hallway closet that would be central to the cameras and then running a wire to a tv that has a vga hook up in my room.
  2. twinturbo

    Let me know if im missing anything

    I realize I will need bnc connectors, but I am unsure of which ones I'll need.
  3. Iv decided on a set up please let me know if its a good set up or if something is wrong (ie. not compatible, missing something etc etc). -Averdigi EH1008H with 1TB HDD -1 CNB LJL-205 (camera) -2 CNB VBM-24VF -2 CNB VCM-24VF -Siamese Cable, 95% RG 59 + 18/2 -50ft computer extention VGA cable (for monitor) -CCTV 12VDC 9 Channel 4.5 A power supply box (do I really need this?) I thank you for all the help.
  4. twinturbo

    Need some help please

    Hello everyone, I'll give my story as to why I need a CCTV system. Recently somebody set my home on fire while we (my family and I) were sleeping, we saved ourselves and our home there is some damage but it could have been much worse, I was just preparing to paint the ceil in the morning so I had removed the smoke alarms, anyhow now we are only sleeping 3hrs a night on average. First thing police asked me was if we hand any cameras. So if this sort of thing happens again at least I'll have video footage. I am unsure about the system, but from what everyone I talked to they told me that the dvr is more important than the cameras because the cameras are relatively the same. So here is the DVR I was thinking of its a Tigon 1648 with DVDRW and 500 GB HDD, now its advertised as PC performance, standalone reliability, its got 16 channels. I think i read in the forum rules that we can't post links so I won't be doing that, but you can use google to find what Im talking about. This unit is quite pricey so if anyone can recommend another unit I would appreicate it. Im looking for something that has at least 12 channels, multiple monitors capability, remote viewing. As for cameras I need a dome above the front door. Bullets for rest of the areas of the house with at least a 50ft distance and 20 feet wide areas. Im going to use the siamese wiring and a 18 channel power supply box, for the power supply box do I need to dedicate an entire 15 amp breaker for say 12 cameras? What kind of connectors do I need to use? If there is anything else you guys can recommend please do so whether its cameras or dvrs or something else I missed. Thanks, TT
  5. twinturbo

    hello from Canada BC

    Im just outside of vancouver.
  6. twinturbo

    hello from Canada BC

    Hello everyone...Im looking to set up a good cctv system, Im sure this site will come in handy and can't wait to share my experiences. Thanks, TT