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  1. Hello All, I was wondering if any of you has had any experience with the site hikdistribution.com ? Is it legit or a well planned scam ? They seem to have excellent prices on all Hikvision equipment. Thanks a lot for your feedback
  2. Hello All, I have just received my Dahua rebrands and was wondering if anyone could help me to find the latest firmwares for them ? The types I have are : HDB3200CP HFW3300P I admit, I havn't struggled trough 40+ pages to find the latest versions, but it might be handy to either put a stiky post which is regulary updated, or to keep the first post up to date ? Currently my HDB3200CP's are running the following : Software Version2.420.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-14 WEB Version3.2.1.183358 ONVIF Version2.4.1 In the meantime, I would be delighted to find the latest ones though ! Oh, I'm a Euro guy, so PAL would be preferred .... Thanks a lot ! MaXX
  3. Hi all ... In the new office buildings is a very old and dusty Bosh DVR which I would like to replace with a software based solution on a Linux server which is also hosting my PBX (Intel i3 2100T, CentOS & Elastix). Since that system is always on and has ample CPU power, it would be suited to also fit the DVR on there. I would hook up 6 wired fixed analog camera's on there, though it is possible I might add IP and PTZ camera's over time. What software would you recommend on Linux ? I know zoneminder exists, but that is starting to age and I imagine there are far better commercial alternatives. Web access for live streaming is essential. Android based monitoring would be a nice to have. And what hardware would you recommend to go with that software ? I prefer hardware based H.264 encoding. Or ... would you rather advice for a hardware based 'hybrid' PVR ? That would need to be able to backup to a remote NAS. Since I am based in Europe, it would be nice to find your offerings over on the old continent ... Please advice .. MaXX