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  1. Hikvision works better, at least I can get the face detection pictures uploaded to my ftp. Not perfect yet.
  2. Going to order a Hikvision camera to see if it does a better job.
  3. Nice that seems like a good solution however it looks like software based. I wanted to find a camera that could just detect that there is a face in the picture and give me the picture. The rest I will do. It's not for big corp live/death business I just want to trigger a song when I see a face in the camera. Optimally I could use to say: "Hello Mr James, looking good today". A raspberry PI would do it, but the enclosure will be a pain. It will be much nicer to have a standalone camera to get the picture so I don't have to process every frame.
  4. I'm looking for a Camera that can detect that there is a face in the image and upload the picture to an FTP or post over HTTP when a face is detected. The camera should do Face Detection, not Recognition. I just want it to Detect and get the picture, I will handle the picture from there. I've tried Dahua N44BN52 however the feature is very limited all I can do is trigger a record when it sees a face which barely works. I need to handle the picture externally so just recording is not enough, that for me is just a glorified motion detection. Please let me know if any of you have seen this functionality. Wondering if other vendors like Hikvision or others have better functionality in their face detection feature.
  5. charlesrg

    Shoping for a new system

    Could not find that series, the show DIGIMASTER series, it looks different from Dahua but it shows support for D1 and Iphone.
  6. charlesrg

    MAC O/S and DVR's remote view

    Any chance can you send me a link or model number please ?
  7. charlesrg

    Shoping for a new system

    So where to get the so called Dahua DVR's ?
  8. charlesrg

    MAC O/S and DVR's remote view

    Can you please send me a link to where I can view the specs and purchase that DVR in the US. Thanks shags7 did you get your DVR ? I'm also on the same boat.
  9. Hello Guys, I'm looking to order a 16 channel high quality DVR. It must be Iphone compatible It would be optimal to be able to view recordings from a Mac computer Firefox / Safari / Chrome compatible would be optimal. D1 recording, 15fps per channel or more SATA 2TB HD compatible SATA 3TB HD compatible optimal The budget is $950. Looks like the Dahua DVR1604HF would be perfect with all this. Does anybody knows a reseller in USA for Dahua ? I also looked over Hanbang HB-8216R [http://www.hbgk.net/english/ProductShow.asp?ID=133] I've used Hanbang in the past and they made quality DVR cards, but I have no experience with their DVR's. Any USA Hanbang Reseller ? Another brand that had quality equipment was Hikvision, anybody knows about them recently ? Thank you for your opinion