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  1. Yes bandwidth management could be an option too. More to look into!
  2. qrcctv

    DVR and Iphone

    If you can't find your DVRs name and model number no one can! Look at the bottom label. The user manual of the DVR will list a compatible app for iPhone.(If it is in English )
  3. qrcctv

    camera with direct sunlight

    You want to but a camera with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) WDR technology should get rid of the sun light reflection and give you a good image. If your question was about a camera that can stay alive in the sun make sure you do not go for a dome camera. Have a bullet camera with external housing which is temperature controlled. (It will last much longer!)
  4. qrcctv

    cctv network setup Help please

    Hmm you have a quite complicated network for a house! Ok firstly make sure router 2 and router 3 are not working as routers and they are only doing switching for you. (You probably don't need their full firewall protection either) If the above is done properly: You must do the port forwarding on router 1 not 3. Otherwise you may have to do it on all 3 routers. Try to undrestand the principal of what you are about to do, because otherwise you might go round in circles. P.S: Also see if your DVR has a CN99 option. (for DDNS) That will work with no-ip.org
  5. Most probably the 2 ports that you see on the back of the NVR are not the same. As dorough said it maybe a management ethernet port or it can be many different thing. But remember only one of the ports is what you want not both! You have to refer to the NVR manual to see which is which.
  6. To his defense I have experienced DVRs that do not work with certain ports! (huge range of ports in fact) But having that said that does sound strange. Anyone from Hikvision can clarify?
  7. I do not think that Hikvision is any more vulnerable than most other guys out there. Specially all those cheap Chinese OEM brands. (Some of which probably don't use SSL at all!)
  8. qrcctv

    Viewing CCTV

    Your contractor is not being unreasonable. If fact every time you reset your router the settings (such as port forwarding) will be deleted. I have made a guide that you can use to teach yourself port forwarding. http://portforward.com/ If you are not IT savy you might want to ask someone to do it for you. Also i don't see why you should get this done again and again. if done once properly and you don't reset your change your router all should be fine.
  9. qrcctv

    Setting Up DVR for remote viewing

    I am not sure what you mean by your second router. But i would think the problem is the second portable router. Are you sating that the portable router has the same ip as the main one? (are both connected to the same internet connection?)
  10. You can not make your IP static. The only way to get a static IP is to pay for it monthly. (i.e to sky or BT....) Try and use a free DNS service. With free ones you have to remember to log in to your account once every 30 days or they will deactivate your account. Something like http://www.noip.com/ would do. You can also find our your current IP address via this page: http://ip2location.com
  11. I would not recommend to carry 24V for such a long distance. Stick to 240V or (110V depending on where you live) and convert nearer to the cameras. Even for this mains voltage you need to use a expensive thick cable.
  12. It really depends. You can not have 2 routers on one internet connection. So one must be acting as switch or something. But the BT router should be the main router as its the only one that has a connection to the outside work. I would setup port forwarding on the BT router.
  13. Hi, You are right. There is most probably a problem with port forwarding. Maybe the DVR needs different ports opened for viewing live footage and viewing recorded footage. Are you sure you can access recorded footage? on the same ip address that you could watch live footage before?! Also maybe the contractor has not used Static IP address for the DVR. (Used DHCP instead, not recommended.) Also the router could have been reset which will erase all port forwarding and other data. Here is a small guide for port forwarding which I hope will help you to find a solution: http://http://portforward.com/
  14. Hello sir, (Salam Agha) I agree that most Iranians only like Panasonic or Sony.
  15. qrcctv

    Lux question

    I have been installing cameras or nearly 7 years now. Definitely go for 700TVL 0.01lux!!! (0.01 Lux is much better than 0.5 Lux.) There is no point of zooming on a low resolution image.