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  1. We have a unattended guard shack, I need #1 one dome camera that will record voice also by the call box, so when someone pulls up and goes through the list and calls the reality company, the reality company can then say state your name and phone number I will then let you in. I want this recorded on to the DVR I also need #2 a camera that will record the car's license plate as is headed toward the entrance gate, the gate is only about 50 ft from the call box and the speed of the car will be max 2 mile per hour for a short time, most likely the car will need to wait at gate for the gate to open. Number #3 will be watching cars as they enter through the exit gate I was told a good mega pixel camera will capture a license plate and I won't need a license plate camera. I had someone from a security service tell me I should use these. I think they are analog,. I like the POE stuff so much better and heard they are doing away with all analog cameras in OCT 2015 I need 2 Honeywell HB75 bullet cameras I need 1 Honeywell HD31WH dome camera I need 1 Honeywell HRGX 4 channel DVR with 1 TB HDD whole system cost a little over 2 thousand -------------- PLEASE TELL ME A BETTER WAY
  2. Someone gave this to me, http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/274911-REG/Marshall_V_1255_V_1255_Color_Board_Camera.html I'm wanting to know if there are any DIY hobby kind of guys here have ever experimented with this camera. Here the Specs on it. http://www.ktechuk.com/ktprod/ktmarsh/ktmarsh_opt_data_ccd/v1255bnc.htm The specs look good to me, but I'm a newbie, so I don't know enough to be a good judge.
  3. Do they have a android app? Only if my Swann supported zoom! but it dos Pan (up down left right) but hoping in the next few weeks ill be getting upgrading. love to see a MOBOTIX HD on one of theses e.g yummm! Wow, that HD picture is over the top Yes, they sure do have an android app, do a google search https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avigilon.accmobile&hl=en READ the reviews
  4. Thanks for that recommended website. Just giving it a try now. Theres LOADS of software out there that are good, However they dont support the pelco cameras with RS-485/PTZ support but saying that, ZoneMinder http://www.zoneminder.com is free and configged via a web browser but with Linux is a touch and go with DVR Cards! I love the preset functions on the iPhone in the PTZ mode, it will zoom in and go to what I want to look at. ITS WAY COOL
  5. I need RS-485/PTZ serial port support, and this is worth looking into, I'm trying this now and I like it http://avigilon.com/#/support-and-downloads/for-software/software-updates-and-downloads/ I have 3 Pelco cameras with RS-485/PTZ and a Axis 241Q video server
  6. I must say Alex helped me out with the Avigilon software, Its pretty cool stuff so far. THANKS ALEX Check your PM
  7. Hmm do u want me to recommend Avigilon to you again ? If I remember right, your software ***** for a license for 4 cameras I'm I correct? Send me a link to try the Avigilon software out, you do have a trial version right?
  8. Hmm do u want me to recommend Avigilon to you again ?
  9. I have 2 - AXIS 241Q's video servers and a good Win7 64 bit PC Dual core with processor speed of 2.2Ghz. I have 3 Pelco spectra III domes I have been trying the EXACQ software and PELCO software I'm not crazy about either one of these yet. This is new to me, I'm learning it pretty good so far. There are so many other things to know. Would someone tell me about a NVR software that they like a lot? I would like to try other software packages also, if I need to buy a license I guess I will do that. I would like to try a 30 day trial first Any ideas?
  10. I have a solution to fixing this fan, instead of buying the fan kit DD53KIT for $120.80 If anyone has a noisey camera they want to part with let me know.
  11. $ 900 plus for IP server wooow I wish I can sell Avigilon that high Show me a better cheaper way I'm listening. I need three Day/Night low lux outdoor cameras, I also need software to put on my 2.4GHz computer to record motion 24/7 and I want to access everything anywhere with my iPhone and have PTZ control. I will also need a 4 ch encoder. PM me with a price, I'm listening Don't let me down:)
  12. I know where to get the NET5404T new for $906.80 w/5yr warranty in case you want to expand
  13. Thats exactly what I'm going to buy, thanks to you:) http://www.pelco.com/sites/global/en/products/video-management-solutions/range-presentation.page?c_filepath=/templatedata/Offer_Presentation/3_Range_Datasheet/data/en/shared/video_management_solutions/net5400ti.xml# Do you also use the IPhone app? http://www.pelco.com/sites/global/en/sales-and-support/downloads-and-tools/tools/pelco_mobile.page What I like most about the Pelco brand is their TECH SUPPORT 24/7 nobody even comes close to that
  14. WHAT type of 4 ch encoder are you using?