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  1. So after reading this forum (all day--for several days) I get the idea that I need to purchase a quaility product if I expect good results. So I see this Digital Watchdog DW-VMAX41T listed on DW site and I like it so I do a Google search for it. Turns out that the Digital Watchdog web site has something that says that if you purchase your item from one of the vendors listed you are basically buying a bootleg unit. Amazon.com being one of them! Here is what they have on their site: http://www.dwcc.tv/UnauthorizedResellers.asp Can anybody give me some direction here? I want to purchase a good unit but now I'm really confused. Thnx
  2. trophyman

    Another nube

    Greetings All, I've been lurking for a few weeks and decided to join because the amount of info in these posts is incredible! I truly appreciate all the “experts” as well as seasoned novices here that are willing to share their knowledge. I participate in several other forums as an expert so I know the value of your participation here and thank you in advance for your contributions. As with many that come here I am interested in learning about CCTV as I love DIY. I understand that the professionals here do this for a living so I do not wish to “wear out my welcome”. Thanks Again, Pat
  3. trophyman

    Video for front gate of property.

    Matt, Thanks so much for your reply. If the Mobotix system that I’ve been looking at is the one that you are talking about I’m not sure it will do everything I need. Say someone pulls into my driveway, but does not pull up to the keypad, instead gets out and jumps my fence, will it capture/record the event to the extent that I can either id the person, see the tag or make/model vehicle? The camera would have to see an area of about 40’ away. Again, ADUIO in not my primary concern. The above scenario is what the thieves have been know to do in my area. Can you explain why a day/night bullet camera run to a DVR would not be more in line with what I need? I don’t get many people driving up to my gate and asking to come in. I’m more concerned with times that we are away and someone casing the property etc. Thanks
  4. trophyman

    Video for front gate of property.

    I probably wasn’t very clear with my initial post. My most pressing concern is the need for captured video security that is activated whenever someone pulls into the gate lane with an option of an audible chime to alert the house. 2 way AUDIO is something that I would like to have to converse with visitors looking to gain access to the property. We travel quite a bit and while I do lock my gate to keep someone from driving onto the property, someone can still climb across my 3 board horse fence and walk up to the house and shop. Initially, I want to put up a hardwired day/night camera, run it to an 8 ch system so that I can expand it with additional cameras later. Here is a picture of the front entrance and where I would like to install camera and audio. http://www.doowopridge.com/gate/gate.htm I’m prepared to spend whatever is necessary to have the video security at the front gate and I’m confident I can find a low cost solution for 2 way audio. Couldn’t I use powered Baluns to cover the distance for the video? Again, thanks for the help and sorry for the confusion.
  5. trophyman

    Video for front gate of property.

    Thanks for your reply. The camera doesn't necessarily need to be two way communications I think. Could I use one of the pairs from the PoE to run a com system? Also, Can I power the camera with PoE over that distance? Thanks So Much.
  6. Greetings All, I've been reading through a lot of the posts here and there is a wealth of information to be sure. I'm in the process of planning a revamping of the entrance to my property. I live on 15 acres and presently have an electric gate controled by a Bulldog electric controls. After the new masonry entrance-way is constructed I would like to install a video survallence system and audio so that I can speak with people that come to the gate and allow them access if I choose. I would appreciate suggestions from the professionals here as to camera/system. The run from the house to the gate area is aprox. 700 ft. so what type of wiring is best. I've looked at PoE and it looks like it would work great. Could I run my audio off of the same cat6 cable? Any and all suggeations are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.