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  1. cooky

    Screen Artefacts

    I've attached a screenshot of the CPU temperatures, the graphics card runs at 76 degC. I fitted a 120mm extract fan to the rear of the PC case last year. I'm not sure if these are within acceptable temperature limits. Regards, Cooky
  2. cooky

    Screen Artefacts

    Hello, I have started to see horizontal lines appear on the screen when viewing the cameras (see attached). When I look closely, the lines on one display are from a different camera image. The lines are not permanent, they appear intermittently, when I playback the lines are always recorded. The screenshots shows only a few lines, but sometimes the image is almost obliterated with horizontal lines. The PC is an Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9450 with 4GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT graphics card. The OS is Win7 pro 64bit. On one of the screen grabs, you can see a error message showing 'dvr error', I can't find any explanation in the manual explaining what this refers to; could it be linked to the horizontal lines? I have tried moving the NV3000 card to a different PCI slot, this stopped the lines for a couple of days but they have come back again. The card has worked fine for the last 18 months, can anyone help? Regards, Cooky
  3. cooky

    Does FaceFinder really work?

    Hello, I'm using a NV3000 with 4 cameras at my home, the front porch is covered with a Vision VDA110HQ dome camera (see the attached image). I want to identify people as they walk up to the front door (I'm not interested in people walking allong the public footpath). I have enabled the FaceFinder option, and set it to maximum sensitivity, but it doesn't detect any faces! Is FaceFinder just a gimick or should it actually detect and record peoples faces as they approach the front door? Does anyone use this feature? Regards, Cooky