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  1. Good morning all, firstly thanks for taking the time to read this. My dvr has just decided to stop working, cannot access my cameras, a few months ago i updated the firmware and everything has been working fine last week i tried viewing but remote playback and it said cameras offline, so i went to my dvr checked and and all the cameras and they was working ok so i did a reboot it shut down fine but then nothing came back, the power light was on the tx/rx was flashing but it said no signal, i have looked on sadp and that isn't showing anything either. I have tried to reflash using tftp server but that isn't working either i am at a loss. I just wondered if anyone has any other options before i throw it in the bin. Oh and i have tried another hdd as well. Thanks Mick
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    securame, so the Turbo HD DVR V3.3.4_Build170220 will work on the DVR. mick
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    well, It does belong to a company called GTEC they supply them to their installers. I contacted them and they said it doesn't need a firmware update for network (which I knew) and gave instructions. then told me to install app called Guarding Expert which is identical to the Hikvision ivms 4500 apart from the HIKconnect. Just though a firmware upgrade would enhance the box. Thanks for all your help
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    Thanks, I have emailed IKVISION with same pic, they replied saying it wasn't one of theirs but it looks like a GTEC model so I have emailed them lol. The link you sent doesn't have a 3.35 only goes up to 3.34 but thanks ill let you know what GTEC say. Mick
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    Hope this can help I have searched everywhere lol
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    Hi tom, I got from a work colleague who had it in the loft gave him a tenner for it lol. He didnt have the password so i google it and found the sadp toll which i manged to get working and changed the password the interface is hikvision. I have scanned it with 3 qr readers and it just doesnt connect or read it also used hikvison scanner.
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    Hi all, just got myself a cheapish dvr and I am looking to see if there is a firmware update for it but I cant find the model anywhere, it is a HD-TVI GT504 it has hikvision software on it but cannot find it on there website, can anyone help!! Thanks. The reason I am asking is I have scanned the qr code and it wont read it. Mick
  8. Hi all, I have got a flourien 4 channel dvr and have just aquired a vista vpl-5wp ptz camera. I have set the dip swith inside the camera to pelcod protocol it was on vista pk. When i go to the settings and set it up i click on enter menu i little egg timer comes on then goes off, it wont let me into the menu at all. Anyone had this issue or know how to resolve it. Thanks Mick
  9. Hi all, I have got a Vista opened up the camera ta VPDL 5W ptz camera the ptz has stopped working and I cannot access the camera through the dvr put the pre-sets are still running and I cannot access the camera to stop this happening I need to reset the pre-sets I have opened up the camera and there are three mini pcb boards in there does anyone know which one controls the ptz control or anyonw who may be able to quote me a repair??. Thanks Mick
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    Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is a DVR on the market that has a built in 3g/4g card so that i could dail straight into if i cannot get a wifi connection. Hope that makes sense. Mick
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    h.264 Dvr

    Hi I have just purchased a h264 4 camera dvr recorder , the problem i am having is that i cannot get it to work on my phone through ip address i have tried everything but it wont connect anyone got any advice they can give me Thanks in advance ..... Mick
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    Hi All, need a little help i have a freind who has purchased a 3 camera system from maplins ihave downloaded some footage to a usb stick along with the playerliteHJ when i install the player and try to view the footage it says cannot play because the avcodec 52.108.0.dll is missing i have tried everything to instal the dll but to no avail the format is dv4 is there any player i can use to view this footage. I have been on the avtech website but there doesnt appear to be any downloads available. Hope someone can help Thanks ,.....mick
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    Well looks like i have got to re-format my computer, the NV930X V9 software wont run in the background does anyone have any suggestions what software can be used with this card that will run in the background .. Mick
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    Tomcctv, Thanks for your reply. I bought from a electrical company online DHWELECTRONICS.COM here are the write up :CCTV CAMERA Security Card Product Features DirectDrwa video preview technology, H.264/MPEG. video compression algorithm Support Smart mobile phone monitoring, including sending color photos when it is alarming (The mobile phone must support multimedia message). Real-time image monitoring. Support IE browser and client software, and support the CMS software. Single chipset supports for 4 channel video, 2channel audio. Single system supports to 32 channel video. Real-time preview resolution maximum supports to the D1:PAL: 704*576 (D1) NTSC: 704*480 (D1), Recording resolution CIF: PAL: 352*288(CIF) NTSC: 320*240 (CIF) Be compatible with most Motherboard and graphic card, the compatibility is excellent. For example: the Intel 845, 848, 945, G31, P45 motherboard, the AMD and VIA Motherboard. Network setup is very convenient, and it has the VNN / DDNS function. Don??t need to open the ports from Router for WAN. Videos occupy smaller space, 40-180MB on average, and with good video quality. Simultaneously video and audio. Adopt advanced digital image processing technology chips MV9200. 10-bit ADC with 4H comb filter. So the picture is clear and the color is true. The card has very low power consumption, no noise point. Support motion detection, and support high-speed camera's preset and linkage alarm. It adopts MV9200 chips to digitizing the analog video signals. It will be stored in the hard disk after real-time compressing and coding, or through the transmission of computer networks to achieve data sharing. The system can also handle video signal 1-32channels. It is widely used in the field of banking, electricity, telecommunications, water conservancy, intelligent building, home, office ,supermarket, store, and packing lot etc. Operating language: English, Spanish, Simplified "inese, Traditional Chinese(Big5). Product Specification Video Input: 8 channels/card Audio Input: 4 channel/card Display Rate: 240 fps (NTSC) 200 fps (PAL) Recording Rate: 240 fps (NTSC) 200 fps (PAL) Compression Format: H.264/MPEG Compression Spaces Rate: 40--180M/h/ch System Support: 32channels/4cards Alarm Function: 8ch input, output/card Alarm Record: Yes PTZ Control: Yes Operating System Support: Win2000/XP/VISTA 32 bit/Win 7 Ultimate 32bit System requirements Celeron D 2.66GHZ or higher 256MB System Memory or higher ATI 64MB VGA Card or higher Motherboard: Intel 915,945 or G series Microsoft® Windows XP/VISTA/WIN 7/2000/2003 Professional Operating system Microsoft® Direct9.0 Related Products
  15. Hi All, Hope you can help in some way. My problem is i bought some cameras a few years ago and the dvr card has died, the cameras are not branded but still work reasonably well. i have recently purchased a NV930X 12fps 8 channel 4 channel audio DVr card. I bought this because it was one of the only ones that was win 7 compatable. I installed the drivers last night and now it has knocked out my firewall and my internet connection i did a scan on the drivers and it said it was clean done all my security scan and no viruses so i can only imagine it has cahed some settings. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks mick