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  1. Wachhund

    Remote Viewing (DDNS & port forwarding

    Check to see if the Kodicom software automatically updates the DDNS from inside its own software. If it does there is no need to set it up on the router once the ports are forwarded
  2. Wachhund

    Red Neck Smoke Detector!

    Scorpion, with ears that wide, why use a ladder to get to the house? Just wait for a light breeze!
  3. Wachhund

    Please Help !!

    Although I don't deal with them, I believe Super Circuits will give you tech support for free on their stuff over the phone.
  4. Wachhund

    Greetings Everyone and Every body

    Welcome! Just stayed tuned to this forum....you'll learn quickly! And thanks for your service!
  5. Wachhund

    Please Help Me....I am so confused

    A PC based system uses a Linux or Windows PC as its base and the controller cards are added in. A stand alone system has the operating system embedded on a chip and its only use is as a DVR. You also have variable frame rates on each as well as motion detection. I also answered your PM.
  6. Wachhund

    Red Neck Smoke Detector!

    Now that's one for Larry the Cable Guy.......
  7. Wachhund

    Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows

    Not bad......
  8. Wachhund

    Please Help !!

    You'll need to give the model number to see if anyone knows the menu system to help you.....in the meantime, make sure you have a static IP address on the DVR and the DCHP is turned off. Then forward the ports of your router to point to the ports called for in the DVR manual or the port preset in the DVR......
  9. Wachhund

    Good 4 channel DVR?

    I sent you a pm
  10. Wachhund

    Please Help Me....I am so confused

    The "PC" or "Stand Alone" question is one that will cause much in the way of debate. They both have their pros and cons. Its a matter of need and likes. Most video won't let you edit it, not that you would want to from a security standpoint. Most DVRs now a days most DVRs will let you view over the internet. Where are you located? There are a multitude of dealers on this site you can expect to hear from.
  11. Wachhund


    Try this thread: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=12156
  12. Wachhund

    VIneyard Technologies

    This was kicked around once or twice before....I do not believe anyone had an answer. Try searching this forum for "Vinyard".
  13. Wachhund

    Goose neck mount to a concrete light pole

    Terminate the conduit into a box and drill through the box into the concrete, snaking the wires from the camera through a hole you drill in the concrete underneath the goose neck, through the hole in back of the box, into the box and make your connections. The wires are hidden completely.
  14. Wachhund

    Goose neck mount to a concrete light pole

    If you are worried about the interference, why not run the conduit and terminate with an outdoor box, drill through the box and pull the camera wires into the box and connect them? How old is this concrete light pole?
  15. Wachhund

    IP video and IPv6 is growing

    They probably mean switching to networkable DVRs from their outdated closed circuit systems......I hope they mean that.