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  1. Hello, I have a few DVR's out there w/the NV3000 cards still in use. I have recently began using the I/O boards to dial out to people upon an alarm input. The dialing works fine, but I cannot get the attached wav file to play during the calls at all. Support and the manual say's only 8KZ w/16B files only and it still doesn't work. Anybody out there have done this successfully, or not? Thanks, Brian
  2. Hey Guys, I am looking for capture card recommendations. I have strictly used Avermedia over the years since I picked up an Army base as a customer years ago and got sold on AM since. I'd like any recommendations, I am about to add on to a system that the existing DVR only has 8 ch. max. I'm going to 12 cameras, but would like to be able to add a capture card later if needed. This system is strictly analog, but looking for a reliable source, that can hybrid also. One of the features I am also looking for, is the ability for built in video motion detection (not for manipulation of record speed, etc.) I have used the functionality of a module to be able to have a dry contact out, to switch on lights, trigger a module that sends out emails, etc. I am looking for an economical product. Reliable field tested (over time). Good tech support, if necessary. Included software/drivers and/or supplier free download. Thanks, Guys.
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    AverMedia POS with Quick Books

    Hello, Has anyone out there setup an Aver DVR (PC Based) with a POS (PC Based) using Quick Books Software? Having a problem figuring out what protocol the POS is utilizing. Thanks, Brian
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    Powder Coating Shop. Anyone ever done?

    Looks good. But, why are you in Security? you should be in GQ. Bunited2
  5. Uh........ I'm not sure if he's talking about monitoring a commercial property driveway, or residential. You would have 1 extreme over another. If it's a commercial driveway then there'd be so much traffic it would just constantly record and he'd still have to search. If it's a residential property then: If you had a 'motion detector' trigger (external) installed, then how long do you set it for? 10 minutes 10 hours?.if you have constant motion in the driveway, then fine....what if someones passed out? This is something weighed in commercial all the time, why waste storage on a loading dock if it's after hours? what if something happens then there's no movement for a while?. What's the cost of storage these days...under $ 100.00 for a TB. One system I generally use (PC based), I don't have to fast forward, or?..I can drag a scroll bar that allows me to view all video on a camera in a 24 hr. period in about 1.5 minutes. In the last year I have burned for customers and law enforcement (incl an arson) about 5 videos, they say about what time they're looking for the event took place and you search it and burn it. To actually do an external trigger, camera trigger, motion detector, etc. takes extra equipment an input board and additional programming etc. _________________________________________________ In this case (in my opinion) less, is actually more. Bunited2
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    Viewing One Camera

    Hey Tom thanks, Good info. I'd do a 'smiley face' but I just don't do the 'emo' thing, or OMG....or? But I really do a 'mean' valley girl....goes over super big at a job site...."like whatttevverrrr". Bunited2
  7. Oops I thought you said overlay, you said overly. I am still talking about all video being converted to HDMI, The DVD already has an HDMI out and the composite to HDMI and the VGA to HDMI converters are readily available too. They just need to all be fed to an HDMI switch. Bunited2
  8. Hey a new user....quick get him!! You've pretty much answered your own question as far as being able to use a PC already in place. If you have the capabilities (with experience) and if the PC has the minimum requirements, you can integrate (and build) a DVR, but in your case if you're mixing and matching analog and IP then you're looking at a hybrid/NVR. This can all be done by installing the capture cards and software into a suitable PC. If you have enough storage space, you really don't need to worry about motion detection recording, with only a couple of cameras in the system you will retain plenty of information. Bunited2
  9. Yes, what Soundy said. If you look back at my last system description, the camera on the back wall is fed through the DVD recorder so that camera can have a DVD burned, the DVD is also located at the sound board so audio is fed directly into the recorder also. Then fed up to the Security DVR for security recording. When you start talking about 'someone' determining between a couple of different views (like Soundy's question) who would be doing that? You said that you don't think that cctv will work, I think you meant it will work. Your composite video will actually be the easiest to work with and distribute. I think if you want to have one or all 3 cameras on the screen(s) and to choose which, you can get a simple quad for just over $ 100, usually this should also have an alarm input which will switch between quad and 'A' camera. Get a 4 channel remote and a 4 channel handheld transmitter and the Pastor? can switch views from the alter. More (somewhat) useless information brung'd to you by: Bunited2
  10. What I don't understand, or wasn't presented in the original post was: zoomed in what? he mentioned a dome, was it already a varifocal, was it a digital zoom through a dvr, etc? If he was able to zoom in something (with a lens, manual, or motorized) there had to have been a separate focal capability, nothing was mentioned in the post. Something tells me there's a focal ring he doesn't know about, or a screw pickup device adjustment? Bunited2
  11. Soundy, I tipped the waitress (over) on the way out...hee hee On my church system: Comp in the back of the Sanctuary - vga to hdmi converter. Graphics card for separate outputs to use a reg monitor to que up before sending it to the large monitors. This comp would be used to do power point presentations to put up music/wording, calendar, etc. DVD recorder/player w/hdmi out. Composite video to hdmi converter. I had installed a hi-res, hi-sens camera on the wall at the back of the Sanctuary. I had installed on the camera a motorized zoom lens. I used a 4 ch receiver with a 4 button remote that the Pastor could use anywhere in the Sanctuary. I had it centered at the Alter so it could be zoomed all the way in for a service, then zoomed all the way out to cover all the doors in/out of the Sanctuary. This camera was also fed to the DVR in the security system. All of the hdmi signals were fed into an hdmi switch, so any of the feeds could go on to the large monitors in the Sanctuary and elsewhere, nursery, etc. ________________________________________________________________________ Be seeing ya' Bunited2
  12. I never really equated the cctv camera thing with the time frame of the series, yes just a tad ahead of their time (creative wise). Still.....who the heck could not out run one of those giant white beach ball things (along with some 3 stooges zig zagging action)??....they always let the beach ball thing get on them like a German Shepherd on a Poodle in heat. Maybe if the beach ball had spikes sticking out of it? Things that make you go..."huh?" Bunited2
  13. In this day and age (whenever I see a post from you Carl I see the Giant white beach ball thing rolling across the water and every time I laugh like the '(get it?) village Idiot'). Love it! Jobs are scarce, I have/had my own company for 20+ years, DOD, Airports, Cities, Counties..blah blah. This guy's boss doesn't have a clue and he is stuck trying to make it work. 1. tell your boss he's a dult? 2. find the correct solution (and how much)? 3. Walk away? If I was this guy (unless he's got a job lined up at Walmart already) tell his boss that 'I talked to some integrator's and the DVD solution won't work. Then, it's out of his hands. And he can go back to the 2 way mirrors in the changing rooms. Bunited2
  14. Thanks Soundy, I see you're a very good judge of charactor. But coming from you I do take it as a compliment...almost makes me teary eyed. ______________________________________________________ You're probably right as far as being able to get those things fixed (I know I could still replace the heads and align it myself). I was just trying to make the point, if they're trying to upgrade the system at roughly $ 400, it ain't gonna happen and employee 'A' should tell Regional manager 'B' their 48 camera system is basically worthless unless they do an influx in the $ 1000's...if he/they say 'no'...then go have a beer (or 3). Bunited2
  15. I totally agree with survtech....only problem is he's an employee. Unfortunately people (the mngrs) are not in a position these days to spend anything on anything. When he thinks he's doing good for his LP dept. he's wasting money and this poor guy's time, which probably by now has cost the company over $ 1k in time, useless equip., etc. I would (I know you guys are going to think I'm a freak but, the store is not really interested in loss prevention) take the Time Lapse Recorders to a place that can service them, get new heads for each of them, tweak and align them and buy 90 slp tapes, create a library (drink a beer on the way back to work) and call it a day. I am a bit curious about one thing though, the 'Regional Mngr' ordered the DVD recorders? Is the 'Regional Mngr' a mngr of the store chain?....or an actual 'LP Regional Mngr' if the latter and he ordered the DVD recorders and didn't have a clue that they wouldn't work...well?.....just a scary thought of someone in that position. Must be family owned. Bunited2