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  1. Good day all. I am looking for some help and advise with picking a new CCTV camera suitable for my workshop/mancave. The camera will be located inside and directly opposite the door from the outside. The door in question is largely glass. As such my current CCTV camera IPC-D120 just get swamped/blownout by the sunlight whenever the sun moves round, or when the door is open. I am sure that there is a correct term to use for this issue. I have two questions (1) is there anything I can do with my current camera IPC-D120 so that it can cope better with sunlight, and if not can anyone recommend a camera that would be better suited to my needs. Any camera need to be IP POE of Dome type, and I would prefer to stick with Hikvision if possible, as I don't know how well over cameras will work with there NVR. Thanks for your time. Best Regards.
  2. Thank you for your replies. I can confirm that my Netgear GS108P was indeed faulty. It would work as a network switch, but the PoE side was totally dead. I filed a Netgear support ticket, and as the ProSAFE range has a Lifetime Warranty, I was offered a replacement unit, but the GS108P is a discontinued product so I was sent a GS108PEv3. Thanks again for your time. Best Regards.
  3. Thank you for your reply. At this point in time I have done no other testing besides what I have said in the above post. Just to ad that when the camera is connected to the switch none of the PoE or link lights for that connected port light up. I can only presume that the switch is not detecting that the camera is PoE and thus will not supply power. I am just trying to do as much researching before I proceed with any more testing. https://portal.chippc.com/support/downloads/files/PoE_and_IEEE802_3af.pdf I welcome any more thoughts. Best Regards.
  4. Hi All. I am looking for some help and advice with regards to my Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I and Netgear GS108P. My understanding is that the Netgear GS108P ports 1 to 4 support PoE, and 5 to 8 do not support PoE. Looking at the manuals, both the camera and the switch support PoE 802.3af I am wanting to install the above camera and power it via PoE. But it seems that it is a no go, I have tried each of the PoE ports. I can power the camera via an external 12volt supply and the camera will work just fine, But nothing via PoE. Where the camera is due to be installed is less then 15m of cable from the Netgear GS108P. My RJ45 cable tester shows no problems with the cable, but to be sure I even plugged in a 0.5m cat5e, and still no go. I do not have any other PoE devices to be able to test the Netgear GS108P, and I have no other way of supplying PoE to the camera. Can anyone here think of anything else that I can try before I have to start spending out more money. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hi All. I am trying to find the latest firmware for my Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I. Looking around Hikvison's website it seems that the latest version is V5.3.0 Build 150513 and V5.3.0 Build 150814, but this fails to update on my device. This is the web site that I am looking at: http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Product%20Firmware/Cameras/DS-2CD2xx2/ Here are the current details from the camera in question. Could someone please kindly point me in the right direction to where I can locate the correct latest firmware for this camera. Thanks for your time. Best Regards.
  6. Good day all. I am sure I am just able to ask something that has probably been asked lots of times, but my searches have failed to come up with the required answers. As per the topic title I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I, and this is fitted with the 4mm (70-79°) lens. I can see from the Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I spec sheet that there are other lens versions available: 4mm (70-79°), 6mm (43.3-49°), and 12mm (20.6-23.2°). The camera is working fine, but I need a slightly wider viewing angle then the stock 4mm (70-79°). What are my available options? Thanks for your time. Best Regards.
  7. Thank you for your response, and confirming that the camera does indeed do all the processing within it's self. Can anyone please advice me where I can find more details and or documentation on how the motion detection signal / data are sent. I do not have a dedicated (branded) NVR. What I do currently have is a dedicated linux pc running Zoneminder 1.27, and I would ideally like to use this if possible. Thanks again for your time. Best Regards.
  8. Good day all. As per the topic title I have a few questions regarding Hikvision IP Camera's and the built in motion detection. The camera I am working on is a Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I with firmware V5.1.6 build 140412. Via the Camera's WEB UI: Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Events > Motion Detection I am greeted with a page with the following Tick Boxes. *Enable Motion Detection *Enable Dynamic Analysis for Motion Normal Linkage *Notify Surveillance Center *Send Email *Upload to FTP *Trigger Channel Other Linkage *Trigger Alarm Output Can someone please tell me if the camera it's self is doing the Motion Detection processing or if the above settings are just to enable external hardware / software to aid the motion detection processing. Thanks for your time. Best Regards.
  9. Good Day All. Can anyone here please tell me if it is possible to view the live feed from my Hikvision CCTV camera's on my Samsung Smart TV's? The TV's in question are a C8000 and a F6670. Thanks for your time. Best Regards.
  10. Today I once again powered down the poe network switch, and swap around all the ports. When I powered the switch back on the poe led light for the port that the camera came on, but the network link status led for that port never came on. I can only come to the conclusion that the X100V has now totally failed, and as such will have to find a suitable replacement camera. When I do take down the failed unit, I will post my findings as this might help anyone else having the same kind of issues. Thanks again for your time. Best Regards.
  11. I have been reading over the fourms a fair bit, and one name that seems to keep creeping up is Hikvision. I have been looking at Hikvision's web site, and I will admit I find it very overwhelming trying to find suitable replacement cameras. I am looking at the Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I to replace my current Yoko Technology Corp RYK-2B79L2/1. Would this be suitable, and if so, can anyone please advice where I can buy Hikvision camera's within the UK. Thanks for your time. Best Regards.
  12. Good day all. I am not sure where would be best to post this, so please move this post to where it would be best suited. As per the topic title I am looking for recommendations with regards to buying new POE IP CCTV Camera's for my home. At this point in time I have four Yoko Technology Corp RYK-2B79L2/1 analog cctv camera's, and one Xvision X100V Dome POE IP Camera. Yoko Technology Corp RYK-2B79L2/1 < Click for datasheet. Image Device: 1/3" Color Hi-Res CCD Picture Elements: NTSC:768x494, PAL:752x582 Resolution: 540 TVL Min. Illumination: 0.1 Lux @ F1.2 (IR Off) S/N Ratio: More than 48dB Electronic Shutter: Auto: 1/50(60)~1/100,000 Gamma: 0.45 Iris Control: Fixed Lens Furnished: Board Lens f 3.6mm / F2.0 (Optional : f= 4.3 / 6.0 / 12mm) Sync. System: 1 Vp-p / 75 Ohms Power Supply: DC 12V±10% Power Consumption: 90mA / 290mA Operating Temp: -10°C ~ 50°C (14°F to 122°F) Xvision X100V Dome POE IP Camera < Click for datasheet. I think the Dome POE IP Camera has now failed please see my post: Xvision X100V Outdoor IP CCTV Camera - Not Responding I am now looking at replacing all the above cctv camera's with new POE IP cctv cameras. For my DVR/NVR I am currently using a dedicated server running ubuntu linux and ZoneMinder 1.27 Can I please have your recommendations? Thanks for your time. Best Regards.
  13. I don't think there is any water leakage, Looking at the camera from the ground there is no signs of water or condensation on the inside of the camera dome, But I can't be 100% sure unto such time that I can get up to the camera it's self. On the front of the Switch the POE LED for the camera port is on, and the 100M link LED for the same port is also on. The CCTV camera IR LED's also turn on at night. But so far have been unable to get any connection data from the CCTV camera. I have tried swapping the port on the POE switch, with the same affect as before.
  14. Thanks for your reply. The cable run is <25m using CAT6 cable, from memory the cable was fully pre-moulded, not hand made. I do not know the power consumption of the camera via POE as that is not listed in the spec sheet, only the normal power adaptor and that is listed as 12v at 500ma (6w). I am powering the X100V via a Netgear ProSafe GS108P 8-Port (4x PoE) Gigabit Switch, Each port is rated at 15.4w, and the X100V is the only POE device is connected.
  15. Good day all. I am looking for help and advice with regards to on going problems with my Xvision X100V Outdoor IP CCTV Camera. I brought the Xvision X100V Outdoor IP CCTV Camera back in January 2012 for £490.00 from an online retailer. The camera is powered via POE, and is the only POE device on the POE Switch. Within 6 months the camera started to act up. where the video feed and the web interface would just stop working, but you was able to ping the ip address of the camera and get a response. The only way to recover the camera and for it to start working again was to disconnect the network cable from the POE Switch and reconnect again. Some times the camera became very slow and unresponsive but recovered it's self. But now it looks like the camera no longer wants to play ball. I am getting no video feed, no web interface, and no ping response from the camera. even discounting and reconnecting it from the POE no longer fixes the problem. The camera is mounted on the outside of a building with no direct access to it, the only way to gain access to it would be to rent and erect a scaffold tower. xvision / ipcctv listed the camera as having a 2 year warranty, I am now outside of that warranty and don't know what to do. The X100V camera is no longer listed on xvision / ipcctv web site, and I wonder if this is due to known faults with the units. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your time. Best Regards.