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  1. SectorSecurity

    Installation & Labor Price

    You want 75+ an hour and you don't have the first clue as to what you are doing? I am also guessing you don't have the proper tools nor insurance to be operating a business, there is more to it than just showing up and sticking cameras on a wall.
  2. SectorSecurity

    dvr h264 and dyn dns

    192.168.x.x is a class c private non routable network, you would not be able to reach it from the internet. Also ensure your security settings allow login from the internet, this is sometimes blocked as a security setting.
  3. You havent set the DVR to use a static IP have you? If you have your routers DHCP will not assign one to your DVR.
  4. SectorSecurity

    need help designing a man room system

    If you just want to stream it get a camera and connect it to the RCA port on your TV (The yellow port) If you want to pause and rewind and all that fun stuff you will need a DVR, you have to be able to record to rewind.
  5. SectorSecurity


    You don't need to be in the DMZ you need to setup port forwarding, which is more secure, the DMZ is just an open area which removes the need to port forward.
  6. SectorSecurity

    My Camera Renovation

    Really nice, did you run the conduit yourself?
  7. SectorSecurity


    In all my years working computer forensics and installing CCTV I have never had someone tell me something has been digitally deleted. Its either deleted or its not. Now someone may tell me it has been overwritten but that is a different story. Recovery is usually possible, depending on the operating system and the file system in use on the drive.
  8. SectorSecurity

    Running 1100' of power for 12v DC Camera

    You have to remember DC and AC are not interchangeable, you can't use a 28V AC adapter to supply power for 12V DC.
  9. SectorSecurity

    Port forwarding trouble help

    Just a tip don't use port 86 for web viewing, its a registered port, which means another service may attempt to use it by default. You will probably never see an issue its just bad practice to use registered ports for applications other then the registered ones.
  10. SectorSecurity

    Best Angle

    I am guessing the cameras you have now have a 1/4 or 1/3 lens, try finding a 1/2 lens this will give you a wider viewing angle. Should be able to find something around 70$.
  11. SectorSecurity

    Viewing CCTV over cloud

    Sounds like what you are referring to is remote viewing, where one can view the DVR from either a computer or a mobile device, this is not the same as cloud storage of the recorded data. Are you looking for a cloud storage solution or a DVR/NVR which offers remote viewing?
  12. SectorSecurity

    Newbie help with camara placement on 2 story home

    The answer to your question will come down to what does the customer want? I have had customers which say run the cable outside along the wall because they want to reduce cost, and I have had other customer who want all the wiring run through the walls because they want it to look nice.
  13. A product key which has been activated over 400 times for a current operating system sounds like a volume license key, one which is meant to be used by a corporation not sold to individuals. I stopped using new egg because of their crazy stupid shipping cost, and the fact they don't offer a business to business service in Canada.
  14. How about providing a picture of the actual connectors?
  15. SectorSecurity

    Dash Cams? Suggestions

    Most police forces use the Panasonic Arbitrator system. If you have money to spend go for it