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  1. I have a VisorTech DVR4004 and the USB backup video format is .VVF (.V V F) The problem is it is totally unrecognisable by any mac or pc player, cd/dvd burner. It is impossible to make CD/DVD copies of securtiy video footage for the police. I guess I could record from the TV out on a VHS in real time, but I tossed mine about 10 years ago! I looked at everything on the net No luck. i have asked the comany I purchased it from PEARL.fr as well as the MFG, no joy. I'm ready to return it for my money back but what can replace it?
  2. Iam going crazy trying to convert .vvf files to any useable video format to make dvd or cd copies from my DVR, any help?
  3. I DID IT WITH A USB VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE!!!! Yep the video converter uses the video/stereo audio out along with a supplied CD VIDEO EDIT SOFTWARE- EasyCap for $29
  4. Thanks a lot, I live in france, I don't speak french very well, still in the process. So is this you are ?
  5. okay, tell me about the gizzmo and where I can get it. Oh, by the way I am in France, so I deal in PAL and 220avc
  6. Okay, what's a good 4ch DVR? I can collect the TV video out in real time to some sort of video recorder, but I have lots of hours that I want to share on DVD or CD even youtube. So I buy this gizzmo that fools the DVR into thinking it's a USB, down load it to my computer then What? I still end up with .vvf on my PC. I can do that now with a USB key. It's the .vvf part that's a drag to deal with.
  7. Here is a link to "majorgeeks" with pages of the same unsolved discussion. http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=210963 The problem is the MFG either faild to install the conversion program on the machines or failed to supplied a disk or upgrade.
  8. I have not heard or see any post of a successful transfere of .VVF to any usable, popular video format. Just for a test change a video to a .vvf extension. If your software works one way, it should work both ways. So see if you can convert any video to.vvf. If so the program should convert .vvf to ? Thanks
  9. I don't think so, do have a download link for them?
  10. I really don't care what the format is, I just want to make a CD or DVD of the security video footage from the USB backup key or drive. .vvf is not recongnised as a viable format on any of the six or seven converter or BURNER sofwares I have downloaded. All say they can work with .vvf but none actually do. Thanks
  11. reo11100

    France DVR rules

    The only thing about CCTV/DVR in France is you have to give the police footage if they ask for it. Stay away from VisorTech stuff. They use a .vvf (.v v f) video format that is unrecognisable by MAC or PC's. There is no conversion software to dvd or CD. The only solution is to use the PAL/NTSC "video out" and record real time with a VHS or DAT format.
  12. No luck with the .VVF, but the format factory is pretty cool.
  13. I tried a chinees sete and forund this http://format-factory.en.softonic.com/download it was on the MFG's ste. hope it works?
  14. reo11100

    Question regarding video output format

    thanks all This site http://www.specotech.com/DVR/EZVR4/spplayer_update.zip plays ok but shuts down on the AVI conversion this site plays ok too but no conversion Content.IE5\TQ7CMNL4\QSD004FilePlayer[1].zip anyother ideas?