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    seriously SLOW backup from averdigi mob1304

    Yeah that's exactly what I'll do. Thanks very much for your help. Alex
  2. Hi All, I'm using an averdigi mob1304 to record four channels of underwater video. I recorded continuously for less than two days and when I came to backup the video (~27Gb) using the USB playback console, it took more than 12 hours to complete!! Is this a known problem with this software.. or is there something I could try to speed things up? Thanks very much for any and all comments!
  3. sealcam

    seriously SLOW backup from averdigi mob1304

    Thanks, that's a good point. But I guess it wouldn't record the channels separately, and I really want full screen video of each channel. I don't see why the transfer rate should be so slow via USB2.. or is there a bottleneck in the averdigi unit?
  4. sealcam

    seriously SLOW backup from averdigi mob1304

    Thanks for the reply. It's the standard mob. Loading the hard drive would be great, but unfortunately it's mounted in such a way as to make it awkward... (the unit is actually integrated into a mobile surveillance system that I have on hire). All I really have access to is the USB port. 27gb doesn't sound like too much to me... and I'm hoping to record a lot more! Do you know if the USB port is USB1?