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  1. I need about 100 feet of this stuff, but every source I have found online either doesn't answer the phone or doesn't speak enough English to be helpful. Does anyone have a source for this?
  2. Wow, I never thought I would see the day that Mobotix got in line with the rest of the industry. It would appear that they have a complete line of cameras that support both h.264 and ONVIF! Is this a sign of the apocalypse? https://www.mobotix.com/eng_US/Products/Camera-Line-Mx6?
  3. L-com sells bulkhead style connectors, you can pick up a standard 2RU blank plate for a network rack and drill the holes in it in an hour or two. Just lay out a nice grid and maybe make yourself a little jig to keep them even.
  4. If you never plan to use the digital zoom features of your camera then you are correct, if you plan to use zoom of any kind you will need as much resolution as you can get.
  5. ssnapier

    Do POE cameras with Motion Detect need a 2nd cable?

    Normally motion detection is sent as data, the alarm outputs on the camera are generally to trigger a physical device (relay, light, chime, etc.). Same with the alarm inputs on the NVR, they are generally to receive a signal from a physical device.
  6. ssnapier

    Thermal Cameras

    Lots of folks! Mobotix, R-Vision, Keysight, Fluke, InfraTech, Rayheon, and a few others I am sure I forgot.
  7. ssnapier

    Sub in Baltimore Md area

    What kind of access control and what is your time frame for completion?
  8. I am fairly certain this is what Multicast is made to do, but I have very little experience with making it work.
  9. ssnapier

    HELP - Former Police ANPR cameras

    That is a very specialized camera, unless you wanted to do ANPR stuff at a gate or driveway you might be better off either donating them back to the cops or putting them up for sale.
  10. ssnapier

    waterproof RJ45 cable gland

    Check with L-com (http://www.l-com.com/) they have all kinds of stuff like that.
  11. ssnapier

    IP Camera Problem

    It is possible that the cable run is at or beyond 100 meters, that will cause all sorts of weird issues.
  12. ssnapier

    Adding filters to cameras

    CS to 37 MM??? I am not sure that would work.
  13. ssnapier

    Camera Video Backups?

    How much video will each bus have to transfer per day? I am assuming the video only records while the bus is on, right? I would think FTP might be the easiest way to get everything moved, but I would have to do some experimentation to see how it handles the video for each new day. That sounds like a fun project, but you are going to need a sizable NAS unit! Not to mention that wireless transfer from 30 different nodes is going to take a TON of bandwidth. Have you laid out your wireless network yet? If I had to do this on the cheap, I would be looking at the QNAP TVS-EC2480U-SAS-RP-16G with an expansion unit (REXP-1620U-RP). On the conservative side, this is going to cost $25,000 with spare hard drives and appropriate software. My biggest concern with a project like that would be getting solid wireless signals in the worst possible conditions (rain, fog, obstructions, etc.) so that the transfer never fails.
  14. ssnapier

    CCTV wires

    Did you look on the Super Circuits website for support information?
  15. ssnapier

    2x PTZ Cameras

    If you are referring to the RS-485 port the answer is yes. Each camera gets addressed at the camera and you just put the wires for both in your RS-485 port. Make sure you match your settings int he DVR and on the camera. If your data speeds are not the same it will either act crazy or not work at all.
  16. I cannot help you with this but what are your concerns? Unless your camera network is quite large this is generally not an issue.
  17. I would start by looking at your local electronic stores. Look for cameras that are at least 720p. I would personally avoid any analog systems because the image quality on those are just not as good. You will be looking at an 8 camera system (they typically come in 4,8,16, etc) and I am not sure what the prices are in your country, but those systems typically range from 300-800 USD. Of course there are other options well above that, but in the consumer market that is a fair range. There are lots of other details to consider, but just start looking for what is available locally and get a feel for it. The other option would be to get a quote from a local security company.
  18. Honestly, this is a question that requires an attorney to answer properly. The laws vary widely from state to state, and even more so because there are renters involved. I would consult at least one (and probably two) attorneys to make sure all my bases were covered. A one hour consult with an attorney is FAR cheaper than a potential lawsuit.
  19. ssnapier

    speco dvr can't view outside wifi

    Not trying to insult your intelligence, just making sure we are not chasing our tails. You are connecting to his public IP address, right? You should not be connecting to the DVR address from outside the network.
  20. ssnapier

    Wireless Camera in AP mode

    probably a pc, not a camera
  21. ssnapier

    Thinking my mom got swindeled.

    There is software for the Mac that should work with that NVR. It sounds to me like the installer might have skipped that part of the setup. Maybe try calling the installer and asking why they did not setup a viewing client on her Mac.
  22. ssnapier

    speco dvr can't view outside wifi

    Have you verified the ports are open thru this website?
  23. I am not sure about Canada, but I know that down here the employer must disclose the use of these types of systems for timekeeping. I am fairly certain that it also changes the amount of time that the data from those systems must be retained since it now becomes something that can be audited as part of any contract review, revenue or income reporting, or even Government taxation type audits.
  24. ssnapier

    Adding extra lighting for cctv cameras

    It sounds like you need your PIR to be wired thru a photocell. That way when there is enough light the PIR does not trigger the light.
  25. ssnapier

    Best IP Camera brand that you use.

    Fair enough, but if you look at the entire catalog I would still probably favor Axis over Hik, but my limited hands on with Hik probably skews my opinion.