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  1. Ringsixty

    Product Certs

    Haha, How did you know I was going to look @ my neighbors back yard? HHmm are you watching me? ... But, do have to say the neighbors wife is !!! J/K Was going to hook up some cameras that a customer/friend had picked up. I was looking at them and didn't see any markings, just made in China. I was just curious if there was any need for the certs. Thanks for the UL info.good to know. I think we are ok, since its a DVR card going into his Dell PC. "Friends are the worst customers!" They can be so CHEAP!
  2. Ringsixty

    Product Certs

    26 hits on this thread and no answer? I need to know. If I buy a DVR or Camera from someone. I can install it and not get into any trouble later. There is a lot of clone stuff out and I just want to make sure I can tell what is what. If it is suppose to have XXX on it and it doesn't. I can just keep on walking.
  3. Ringsixty

    Product Certs

    I did a search on this subject. But, did not find the answer. With the massive influx of CCTV / DVR etc. products streaming into the USA market from overseas. What certification is required on those products? So, they can be sold in the USA? I have seen the CE label for Europe on things. But, what about the USA? I heard from a friend that the governing body was the FCC for electronic products. Hell, I have seen both the FCC and UL embossed into phone equipment I install in my past. But, what about CCTV equipment? I went to the FCC, Customs, US Gov, etc. websites and all I could find was this: Manufacturers planning to sell telecom, licensed RF, and low powered transmitters in the United States. These include manufacturers of cell phones, CB radios, walkie-talkies, radar detectors, television relays, telecom relays, point-to-multipoint, PCS, and Ultra Wideband, as well as low powered transmitters such as radio controlled toys. Is our electronics trade full of holes like our borders? Someone please explain it to me...I'm a newbie
  4. Ringsixty

    O S on PC DVR

    What OS do you guys prefer to use on your PC based DVR’s? I have always used 2000 Pro on what ever PC I built. But, I’m sure Microsoft will soon discontinue support in the near future. Do you guys mostly use XP home or XP Pro for your systems? Thank you
  5. Just wanted to know what kind of demand is there in this part of the market. Would also like to know who makes the best unit on the market. I know kind of a general question. THX
  6. Ringsixty

    Anyone know any 411 on this Co.

    Thanks Roy, for the info. Have you worked with any Samsung stuff?
  7. Ringsixty

    Anyone know any 411 on this Co.

    I think most everything now days are made over there. Geo etc. Here is a sad story. I order bulk Headsets from HongKong for my internet cafe. The shipment will go from James town (HK) to Alaska to Cali. then come to Hawaii. I sometimes just want them to put little parachutes on my orders and just drop them out of the plane as they pass over my state on the way to the mainland. May save me a few bucks Everthing is Air to Hawaii = Arm, Leg and a few other body parts...AAAhhhhhh!
  8. Ringsixty

    Anyone know any 411 on this Co.

    Whom do you recommend for a complete line , Low to High?
  9. Ringsixty

    Like to intro myself

    My name is Charles from Honolulu Hawaii. I have worked in the Telecommunications industry for 20 Plus years and I'm thinking of transitioning to the Security surveillance world. (Trying to be my own 2x BOSS) I, also own an PC gaming / Internet cafe (Axesspoint) I have done 2 DVR systems. One for my cafe which was a tiny thing (3) IR cam's and a Digicam 120fps card. The second was for my friend that owns an Import High Performance shop. This one was setup with a GEO_GV800 and (3) Sony box cam's + (1) IR. Soon to install a couple of mini domes in some non-critical areas. Not much more to say for now. Other than I hope not to be to much of a pest on the forum with my countless questions. Aloha
  10. http://www.aventuratechnologies.com/
  11. Ringsixty

    ISC West 2006

    I will be flying in from Hawaii to attend the 2006 ISCwest in Las Wages. My intrest is on the line of seeing if this is a biz for me to move into from my normal telecommunication work. Maybe some of use can get together.
  12. Ringsixty

    geovision v 8.0 beta

    Can you say : “Guinea pigâ€