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  1. Appreciate the reply! I've been snooping around and testing my google-fu and it appears likely that these will indeed swallow larger drives and be able to use them after you patch the firmware at least. Since firmware is readily available for them I'll probably just buy a couple of cheap drives, then patch the firmware first and then just try to see if it swallows some terabyte drives. Worst case scenario - it doesn't work and I replace the old drives, as near as I can figure.
  2. Hi all. New to the board and new to the world of security DVR's but I've recently stumbled across a GE Symdec 16 that is otherwise working fine but is under-equipped with hard drive space. I popped it open and it seems to have two bog standard SATA drives, 2x320G which gives a shade under 600GB of space to play with. That limits the storage time for video a bit too severely and I'd need to at the very least double that. So, does anyone know how these things handle their hard drives? It has mounts for a total of four with enough SATA ports and SATA power connectors to support that as well - so a dream scenario would be to hit it with four 1TB SATA drives and watch the storage space read just under 4TB total afterwards. Am I dreaming here or are these expandable that easily - just pop in drives and you're done? Or is it much touchier and more convoluted than that? I'd be grateful for any insight.