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  1. Hi shockwave been a long time. Yes November 2015 they upgraded long term verified accounts hope they keep it that way. Thanks for that info. Now I'm not sure what to think because a couple days after I wrote this posts AND having logged into my account and manually updated my hosts, I got a reminder email to update my host, lol! Goofy for sure. I'm just gonna see what happens in 30 days again. Who knows!
  2. For quite some time my free host names have required me to manually update the hosts once a month. They sent reminder emails to update and I'd update from them- very easy. A couple months ago I stopped getting reminder emails from them and I was afraid I'd lose my hosts so I was logging in there and updating within 30 days. This month I forgot to do it and didn't get reminder emails either. When I logged in, to my surprise my hosts had been updated hundreds of times during the month, which explains why I no longer get reminder emails. This is just the way their free hosts worked a couple years ago, before they made you manually do it or lose it. Have they reverted back to actually being cool about it again and not bothering us free account users? My DVR's and NVR's are certainly capable of being the host updater and it looks like they're letting that work again! Is this so? I received no word about the change, if it is. I've been with no-ip for 4 years now.
  3. For every five thieves that are deterred there's always one that isn't. In fact more and more it seems like cameras aren't really a deterrent at all. Most crooks know to cover up and hide their faces. And we who rely on cameras understand it's a crap shoot whether we get that single perfect frame for ID, given all the lighting and environmental challenges with outdoor cameras. But, if you do nothing you have no chance so install your ptz's. It can't hurt and may help you deter a lot of things you may never even realize. The only thing you have to lose is some free time maintaining them. Some look at that as being fun, some find it annoying. I have a love hate relationship with it all, lol. I prefer my systems just work without issue and I get annoyed when there are glitches. But once you have sight you can't go back. I feel blind if a camera is out and very much prefer them.
  4. shockwave199

    no ip.com

    The only account I have to manually update every 30 days is one that doesn't have a dvr inline at the moment doing the updating. My other active dvr updates the account no problem and I do not have to do that every 30 days manually. Dahua dvr's and nvr's act as the updater, as should a router if activated for no-ip. It's only accounts that do not get auto updated by your device that will need manual updating, as far as I can see.
  5. This, remember. A typical homeowner. It's not unlikely they'll have the monitor on top of the nvr...off most of the time. Don't lose sight of the small picture
  6. Yeah every time I see its been updated I cringe and hope nothing has been broken and bugs have been fixed for everyone who needs it. I still think overall it's a great app.
  7. On a similar note, gdmss HD lite got an update as well and the ptz controller is awesome. But it doesn't have push and not sure I want to spend another 10 bucks for the plus version. But it sure is good. Sorry to hear about continued ios trouble. Even in gdmss plus, I always click on the notification event and it puts me in the app for playback and always lists it.
  8. Nothing less than a 17" HDMI monitor. If you're installing an actual nvr, it's a certainty it won't support anything less than 17" anyway. A 19" is most common and would more than acceptable I'm sure. Just make sure it has HDMI for hookup. If they are good with a 21 or 22", rock on.
  9. shockwave199

    NVR Stopped Recording

    The nvr is still in TCP mode? Also even though the schedule is still in tact, are the channels actually armed for recording still? Can you search for playback files and they play? All else fails, maybe re-format one drive and see if it kicks back into recording? If it does, do the other one.
  10. Fan loudness is in the ears of the beholder. It's impossible to say what acceptable is for someone. I have the 4208-8p and the fan can be heard at what I consider normal for Dvr, nvr, and poe switches alike. It's nothing I would want to hear in my bedroom for sleeping. Other than that, it's impossible to say what constitutes loud. I believe the nvr having poe or not, they all have fans. Plan for it and install accordingly.
  11. The only time I ran into trouble like that with a qsee Dvr is when I didn't forward the ports exactly like they said in the manual. I chose to set the ports to 'both' as usual, meaning TCP and UDP. That caused a conflict in the router and I had to reboot it for Internet. Then I went back into the forwarded ports and did it exactly like the manual stated, just TCP, and all was good. Check that.
  12. Don't plan on the hiks playing nice on the dahua nvr. Mix and match doesn't work out well when you use nvr's. I'm forced to use ir cameras too. Even with exterior lighting, I just don't have enough picture to make those cameras work at night.
  13. Yes, TCP port. You can try to make day/night profiles for channels from the nvr too and see if that gets you anywhere. It may not, but maybe- worth a shot. The problem I have with profiles is that day light and darkness is ever changing throughout the days and months. I could set a time for darkness profile now and a month from now it will change. It only seems good for absolute darkness and daylight any time of year. Running closer to the edges has to be sacrificed I think. Those cameras have no IR and you're stuck with exterior light only to wake the image up at night- and you need a damn good amount of light too. No amount of shutter adjusting will work that out properly I don't think. The only good thing about those cameras is that you don't get spider webs on them at night. Plus I'm sure the image is first rate during the day.
  14. Does the nvr actually have a hard drive installed to record anything? Dahua IP camera motion detection can be finicky for sure. Some resort to just recording full time because of it, so nothing is at risk of being missed. Be sure to have your motion detection and recording schedule setup properly. As for profiles, I can't comment except to say I don't prefer them. Try and work in more exterior lights to your camera locations. Actual light helps cameras give better results, in general. Also, set the nvr NTP for the time of day and DST schedule. The nvr is usually the better option and it will time stamp all recordings appropriately. Take that task off of the cameras and have the nvr do it. Have the nvr show channel and/or date and time of day for display per channel. Also, look for a PM- I'll advise the best member for firmware updates. He's like, the guru as far as I've ever seen.
  15. If you haven't yet, you could disable push notification and then re-enable it, what they call 'subscribe'. It's just turning it off and then on again. But I think it's just a bug they need to work out. Hope it's quick for you.