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  1. That's more than just letting the local PD know you have cameras. That's giving direct viewing access and I don't care who it is, PD or not, I would never give direct access. No way, no how.
  2. It did have a great picture for a close door shot too. The image adjusts well even with the ir on. If there's enough light to keep it in day mode, even better. Depending on the location, the audio may be enough but it would never take the place of an external mic. And that's considering conversation. It would probably be fine to pick up louder audio, such as gunshots for audio ID of such an event. All things considered, it a very capable camera. For my system though, one was enough. I'm mostly fine with less powerful ir.
  3. It's this camera http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/ipc-hdw4300c-620.html The audio seems quite low to me. It would never take the place of a dedicated CCTV microphone, imo. However I have heard a sample in footage that sounded good, but the conversation was close to the camera. My pictures were taken with the camera on a tripod for testing. I did nothing to fine tune settings in the camera for those shots, so I can't comment on how capable or not the image can be dialed in in a given situation. The ir on the camera is very powerful. It would work well for a wide overview of an area for night shots, or a very close door shot where the image seems to adjust well to reduce ir blast. But since I don't believe it's smart ir, it will produce ir blast out from the camera at say 15-25'. So it seems like either a wide overview or close up produces the best results. But I didn't tweak it so take that with a grain. The powerful array ir is the biggest strong point for lighting up large areas with no trouble at all.
  4. Dahua 4300c. I had to make the images smaller because 3mp images are too big to post here I think. Can 2048x1536 images be posted?? Anyway-
  5. shockwave199

    remote trigger access

    Cool. Yeah sorry, I don't use smart PSS. Hope it works out for you.
  6. shockwave199

    remote trigger access

    I kinda show the deal with this in my video on my Dvr, which is a dahua, as well as demonstrate how it's triggered via pss and wdms. EYRGLlBj8Go
  7. shockwave199

    First NVR System (Deciding on NVR)

    Put the gear out of mind for a moment. You haven't defined what you'll be monitoring, at least not to us yet. If you take it one logical step at a time, it minimizes your confusion. So first, you must define exactly what you want to monitor. Will it be dining areas? How many? Lobby, how many? Kitchens, back hallways, registers, back entrances, bar, interior, exterior, etc. Define exactly how much you need to monitor with a full system in place, and then pair it down to what you absolutely must have to start, and see what the camera count comes to. That will help to tell you the biggest system you'll need, and also what you must start with if you're doing the project in stages. And for every area you identify, understand what it is you need to see in that area and how detailed that view must be. It may be that some views don't need the detail that others demand. That will also dictate how many cameras you need, which can be more than the average person figures. For instance, a dinning room may be fully covered with one camera. You'll see a fine overview. But you'll see decreased detail the further you get from that camera. If more detail is needed, you'll need more cameras dividing the views into smaller sections, if you want that much detail. You can get superior detail with the smallest number of cameras if you utilize all your choke points in the building- choke points being entrances/exits, stairs/elevators. The points where everyone must go by or through to get around your place. As long as those choke points are covered with high detail in mind, most everything else in the place can be more overview- except registers. But the idea in a nutshell is to make a list of every spot you want to see and how much detail you require for each spot. That will narrow you down to reality. As far as gear, the easiest system to get in place and working is a dedicated NVR. Aside from how many channels it will need to support, you really need to get one that supports a minimum of four 4tb hard drives for a total of 16tb- at minimum. Best case the NVR could support eight drives for 32tb. For higher camera counts and the wish to have a few weeks of archived footage- perhaps four weeks- you'll need hard drive capacity. That must be figured into the system. And then there's the cameras. These days it makes the most sense to get 3mp cameras, especially if you're talking dahua. Price wise and quality wise, their 3mp cameras will be more economical. I prefer dahua, but to each their own. Just keep in mind that the thoughts like "I don't need anything fancy" or "I just want to be able to see" is all well and good until something critical happens and you have nothing usable to look back on to help solve the issue. It doesn't have to be fancy or even a fortune. But you do need to understand how many locations you absolutely must monitor and how detailed you need each one. That's a good way to get good results from even a modest system.
  8. How set are they on keeping the analog? Once they see higher resolution cameras you might be in for a total switch. Just make sure they are committed to keeping what they have in line currently before committing to a hybrid.
  9. shockwave199

    DRV issue please help.

    Yeah email has never really been perfected I find. It's also hard to get a perfect pic emailed too. You can fine tune it with pre record and post record. But mostly the best notification is push, to a mobile phone or tablet. That not only notifies you, but you can also view video of the specific event. This works well with dahua Dvr's and gdmss app for phone and tablet.
  10. shockwave199

    Power Adapter: 12v 1 Amp vs. 12v 2 Amp?

    Get this cable, use 12v 2amp power adapters for each of the three cameras. Before you run the cable for real, connect it all and see if you get picture, at night too. Just make sure in the dark room you're testing this at night that the ir comes on and you see a picture on your Dvr. Leave it that way for a night or two and make sure it's okay both day and night. When you're sure it is, run the cable where you need it and mount the cameras and that's it. You should be okay. It's not the best cable by any means, but it should be okay to get you going. http://www.amazon.com/VideoSecu-Pre-made-Security-Surveillance-Installation/dp/B0017KZ8Y0/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1414573075&sr=1-5&keywords=150+Ft+RG59+Black+Siamese+Cable
  11. shockwave199

    Dahua Phone App

    It's sometimes called extra stream and it is a lower resolution stream that is more capable of being viewed remotely without problems. Enable it in the Dvr and in the app choose extra stream to preview when setting up the device configuration.
  12. shockwave199

    DRV issue please help.

    Keep the snap shot frequency at 1. That will ensure that one snapshot per second is taken so you will have the best chance of getting snapshots of the full event, which will help you have a better chance of getting the best picture attached to the email. However the email frequency is another thing that you may or may not have much control over depending on the available settings you have. Snapshot email is tricky and getting just the right shot can be hit and miss.
  13. shockwave199

    DRV issue please help.

    Not really sure as I don't have that Dvr. Maybe a screen shot of that menu so I can see what options you have. You probably don't have control of the set of three you get, but you probably have a setting to control the timing frequency that set of three is sent. If you do you can play with that setting and see if it cuts it down. Also just try and trigger the camera for real and see if the same thing happens. Maybe the test is screwy but the real trigger is ok.
  14. shockwave199

    DRV issue please help.

    Lol, it's funny you mention that Bob. Optimum was the cause for my bad pics too. It seems optimum has a problem with this chore. The specifics for gmail are as follows- SMTP Server- smtp.gmail.com Port- 465 User name- your gmail address name (ie. myname.gmail.com) Password- your gmail account password Sender- your same gmail address Receiver- Whatever email addresss you want Subject- make it whatever you want to say Leave the rest at default. Hope this helps you.
  15. shockwave199

    Dahua Phone App

    If you're not on wifi you for sure want to open only one camera at a time if you're getting time out issues. A good thing to do is wherever you are for a while, check and see if there is an available network to hop on. One of my first chores when I'm going to be in a building for hours is to see if I can hop on the local network. And of course, make sure you're doing this with substream viewing set up in your dvr and app.
  16. shockwave199

    DRV issue please help.

    I've had the corrupted image thing as well with one Dvr. It cleared up when I used Gmail. If you haven't try Gmail.
  17. shockwave199

    Dahua Phone App

    You need to be on a strong wifi network when you're out and about. Even then, if I'm having trouble I just open one camera at a time instead of doing multiple cameras, such as four. If I'm not on a wifi network remotely, I don't even bother.
  18. What happens when you go into ip configuration? Post a screen shot of that.
  19. Perhaps you were lucky enough that the camera is still in dhcp mode and not static mode. You should disconnect the camera from your network, remove power from the camera, reconnect the camera to your network and power it back on. If it's in dhcp mode, it will automatically re-aquire a proper ip address from your network. If not, unfortunately I don't know how to tell you to proceed with that camera and utility. Best of luck.
  20. Why did you have to update the firmware? Unless there is an absolute problem you're having in which a firmware update is reported to fix, my opinion is never upgrade firmware. Unless you're capable, your camera is likely dead. I hope I'm wrong. Good luck.
  21. shockwave199

    Windows 8

    Yeah try chrome. But let chrome take you through any plug-in requests. Follow the prompts. Grabbing anything manually could cause another unnecessary conflict. Whatever has failed in Windows and then when trying chrome, it always walks me through the appropriate prompts to get things going even though it's chrome. Good luck.
  22. It happens to any brand. Sometimes you get a lemon. You could try taking the cover off and checking that all connectors are well seated. I had a qsee Dvr that had trouble powering back up and it turned out to be one connection plug inside that plugged into the power button slot wasn't in tight enough. Just a slight nudge seated it properly and problem solved. But short of that, return for an exchange. Good luck.
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    You're always better using the same brand cameras as the NVR. Whatever the claims on paper, 3rd party support can be a gamble in terms of full function. There's enough great choices of Hik cameras to be able to stick with them if it's a Hik NVR you choose.
  24. shockwave199

    Multiple DVR reboots required

    You should at least try to port forward and use no-ip, and see if that is more stable than the cloud for remote viewing.
  25. shockwave199

    700tvl sony 27x zoom PTZ IR camera

    As long as the camera has a dome covering the face, it should be okay. I have that style ptz and it's still going for 3 years. Where snow and ice could be a problem is in the tilting, as it could get in the sides of the camera and lock it up until it melts. In your case being in Canada, you'd be best not putting it up on a pole completely exposed. Under an eve or overhang would keep it more protected for you. Good luck.